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I am a big fan of the Jabra Elite earbuds, and I think they are the best brand for anyone that uses earbuds for a lot of fitness.

Most brands only provide an IPX4 rating for their earbuds, which is generally good enough, but Jabra offers a far superior IP55 or IP57 rating, depending on which model you buy. They also back this up with a 2-year warranty which covers damage from water ingress.

Jabra annouced the Elite 4 Active back at CES 2022. Being the active model, these have a superior durability of IP57.

They have now announced the standard Jabra Elite 4, which is basically the same as the Active version but with the IP rating reduced to IP55.

Because of this, the RRP has been reduced to £99.99 / €99.99, which in theory, will save you £20 compared to the £119.99 RRP of the Elite 4 Active.

I have run multiple marathons and run outdoors in the rain a lot, and I haven’t had a pair of TWS earbuds break due to water ingress. I would personally have no problem using the Jabra Elite 4 for any fitness.

However, it is worth noting that even though the Jabra Elite 4 have a lower RRP, it doesn’t necessarily make them much cheaper.

At the time of writing, the Jabra Elite 4 are available on Amazon UK for just £98, and they regularly drop to just £80. Alternatively, the excellent  Jabra Elite 5 were just £100 for two weeks from the start of March.

jabra elite 4 announcment

Key features of the Elite 4:  

  • Bluetooth Multipoint means seamless switching between calls and apps 
  • Fast Pair and Swift Pair ensure instant connections to laptops/phones 
  • Active Noise Cancellation blocks out background noise 
  • Comfortable fit for all-day wearing 
  • 4-microphone technology for optimised call clarity 
  • Up to 22 hours total battery with ANC on (28 hours ANC off) 
  • Go solo feature to use either earbud for listening or taking calls while the other charges 
  • Spotify Tap playback 
  • Qualcomm aptX unlike competitors 
  • IP55-rated rainproof protection, plus 2-year warranty

Full Announcement

  • Stay connected with 2 devices at once with Bluetooth® Multipoint connectivity and easy pairing with Fast Pair* and Swift Pair* 
  • Versatile, affordable earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and fine-tuned 6mm speakers for powerful sound 
  • Compact, lightweight fit designed for all-day comfort and IP55-rated durability against dust and water 
  • Maximise battery life and go solo, using either earbud for listening while the other charges 

Jabra is launching the Elite 4 earbuds, the latest addition to its unique Elite lineup. Following in the footsteps of the entry-level Elite 3, these affordable true wireless earbuds are a step up from its predecessor, ideal for the modern earbud user. At the push of a button, users can escape from a busy day by immersing themselves in media or connecting with colleagues, friends or family.  

The Elite 4 has been tailored to cover earbud essentials, such as comfort, optimal sound and convenience, all at a very reasonable price. For users that need to connect to two different devices simultaneously, the Jabra Elite 4 offers Bluetooth® Multipoint, facilitating smooth and stress-free switching, without skipping a beat. Even the initial pairing of earbuds to a device is simple, with Fast Pair* connecting instantly to a mobile device and Swift Pair* linking straight to a laptop or computer.  

Ready for travelling or commuting, the feedforward Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) in these earbuds filters out unwanted sounds, so distractions fade into a thing of the past. It doesn’t end there, as the Elite 4 are engineered for crystal-clear sound with 4-microphone call technology and 6mm speakers, so users can be rest assured that they too will be heard loud and clear. For those seeking tailored listening experiences, the Jabra music equaliser and intuitive Sound+ app lets users customise the sound to suit their individual tastes. Personalisation like this is key to creating an earbud experience that feels seamless.  

The Elite 4 last for 5.5 hours of play time on your chosen device, and 22 hours with the sleek case (28 hours with ANC off) – all while providing all-day wearing comfort with its Danish ergonomic acoustic engineering. The earbuds are made with premium durable materials that offer an IP55 durability rating against dust and water and come in four classic colors: Dark Gray, Navy, Lilac and Light Beige. 

Calum MacDougall, SVP at Jabra, said: “The modern earbud user is looking for tech that’s ready for work and play at their fingertips, whilst not compromising on key features. The Elite 4 offer a solution to this and is the perfect all-rounder, designed to help users to concentrate, connect, and call without distractions. It is the ideal companion to balance work and life.”    

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