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The Huawei P40 Pro has one of the best cameras on a phone for 2020, and Huawei likes to celebrate their prowess in photography with their annual Next Image competition.

Lots of prizes with 3 winners taking US$10,000

I will skip to the prizes first, there are 73 of them up for grabs with:

  • 3 x grand prize winners receiving US$10,000 and a Huawei P40 Pro
  • 15 x category winners each winning US$1,000 and a Huawei P40 Pro
  • 50x runners up all getting a Huawei P40 Pro
  • 3x honourable mentions also receiving a Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei Smartphone Photography Class With Mike Kus

To help aspiring photographers learn how to best capture the world through the lens of their Huawei smartphone camera and to get them a step closer to potentially winning the Next Image 2020, Huawei has partnered with UK photographer Mike Kus to create a photography class.

In this smartphone photography class – all shot on a Huawei P40 Pro – Mike is sharing some of his top tips on how to capture stunning photography on your device and how to make best use of all the various Huawei camera tools, to support your Next Image entries. He is looking, one by one, at all six Next Image 2020 entry categories: Near Far, Good Night, Hello,Life!, Faces, Live Moments and Storyteller.

Terms and Conditions

The conditions of the competition are that you need to be a Huawei/Honor phone user in the first place, and you can’t have already won an award from any other competition for that specific photo.

You need to submit your work online with your HUAWEI ID which will uniquely identify you.

There are no restrictions on when you took the photos/videos or which model of Huawei/Honor phone you used.

Each participant can upload a maximum of 30 works, which can be a photo, group of photos, or videos.

The deadline for submitting entries is at midnight on July 31, 2020, Beijing Standard Time (GMT+8).

Six categories to celebrate the beauty and positive power of creativity

Huawei has introduced video and storytelling categories to recognise how modern media formats can help users to create new, unique and powerful narratives.

Huawei is encouraging entrants to explore different perspectives to discover the diversity and beauty of life, with six distinct categories.

  • Near Far: Use your smartphone camera to capture hidden gems and different perspectives – whether you’re inside or out.
  • Good Night: Capture fun moments at night or in a low light environment. Reflect the atmosphere of the moment and get creative.
  • Hello, Life! A picture is worth a thousand words – so capture and share the emotion or inspiration you take from your everyday.
  • Faces: Experiment with identity and the power of portrait photography. Capture the faces of those closest to you.
  • Live Moments: Shoot and produce a short video or mobile movie of up to 10 minutes. Express your creativity and share positive stories in the form of moving images.
  • Storyteller: Use a set of photos to express emotions to tell your personal story. Story must include 3-9 images.

Winners decided by the best in the business

HUAWEI has invited some of the world’s leading photography experts to select the winners of its NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2020, with world-leaders across a variety of photography styles represented.

  • Steve McCurry is a winner of numerous awards including the Robert Capa Medal, the National Press Photographer’s Award, and four Jose Awards. A knight of French culture and art, McCurry’s photographed entitled “Afghanistan Girl” has become one of the most iconic and powerful works in the history of photography.
  • Elizaveta Porodina, is a renowned fashion portrait photographer from Russia. A leading light in experimental fashion and fine art photography, Porodina’s work is famous for its use of alternative shapes and eye-catching colours.
  • Reuben Krabbe is a Canadian extreme sports photographer, who uses creative photography techniques to display polarised styles and subjects such as solar eclipses. Krabbe will add energy and new possibilities to the judging panel.
  • Karolina Henke is a well-known Swedish photographer with a unique visual narrative and artistic identity. Henke has an esteemed standing in field of international fashion and art photography.

Andrew Garrihy, the global chief brand officer of HUAWEI Consumer Business, and Li Changzhu, vice minister of consumer strategy marketing department of HUAWEI CBG will also help to select the winning entries.

For more information on NEXT-IMAGE 2020 and how to enter, please visit the official website of the competition (

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[Original Post 8th of May 2020]

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