Intel Wi Fi 7 BE200

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Wi-Fi 7 capable hardware is slowly starting to become available, and in 2024, we should start to see a lot more products featuring it.

Recently, Intel became the latest company to announce new Wi-Fi 7 capable hardware.

Wi-Fi 7 Capable Routers, Laptops and Phones

So far, TP-Link has announced multiple Wi-Fi 7 products, including mesh systems, routers and access points. To the best of my knowledge, they are also the only company to have made the products available, albeit the supply is short and US only.

I am currently reviewing the Acer Swift Edge 16 laptop, and this must be one of the first laptops that has Wi-Fi 7. Normally, laptops use an Intel or Killer Wi-Fi module for the Wi-Fi, but this Acer laptop uses the Qualcomm FastConnect 7800.

Similarly, some phones use the Qualcomm FastConnect 7800 and have Wi-Fi 7 enabled. This includes the Xiaomi 13 Pro and the OnePlus 11.

It is worth noting that the just announced Apple iPhone 15 series lacks Wi-Fi 7.

Other companies have announced Wi-Fi 7 products, but they are not commercially available yet, at least in the UK.

Netgear has announced the Nighthawk RS700 router and, more recently, the flagship Netgear Orbi 970 Wi-Fi 7 mesh system.

ASUS has the ROG RT-BE96U and ROG Rapture GT-BE98.

Intel Wi-Fi 7 M.2 Modules – BE200,  BE202, Killer 1750X

One important part of the Wi-Fi 7 rollout is the M.2 modules that are typically used on motherboards, in laptops and for Wi-Fi adaptors.

Intel has finally put up the product pages for two new Wi-Fi 7 modules with the product codes BE202 and BE200.

Intel states that both products have been launched (Q3’23).

Currently, specifics about the two modules are a little vague. The Intel page shows a very similar specifications for both products.

The one difference is that the BE200 is listed as Wi-Fi 7 Pre-certified, and they quote the maximum speed of 5 Gigabit.

The BE202 doesn’t state any max speed and it says the band is limited to 160MHz, whereas Wi-Fi 7 is capable of 320MHz.

The spec also makes no mention of Bluetooth, but this is likely to be Bluetooth 5.4 (or perhaps 5.3).

It is also believed that there will be an Intel Killer 1750X module, though this is not currently listed on the Intel website.

Interestingly, Intel has not revealed any modules that use the CNVio2 interface. Currently, the Wi-Fi 6E AX411 is M.2: CNVio2.

Currently, Mouser lists the BE202 with the product code BE202.D2WG.NV. You can buy this for a unit price of just £11.44 but you need to order in quantities of 1000.

Mouser also lists the BE201 (product code BE201.NGWG.NV) this will almost certainly be the CNVio2 variant.

Windows 10 Support

Intel Wifi 7 Drivers

The product pages state that the supported operating systems are Windows 11, Windows 10, and Linux.

However, Windows 10 doesn’t properly support the 6GHz band, and there have been numerous reports that the only devices running the latest operating systems like Windows 11 will be provided with Wi-Fi 7 drivers.

The driver documentation shows that Wi-Fi 7 GaP2 will provide TCP TPT speeds up to 5Gbps (320M/MSC13), while MtP2 will offer speeds up to 3Gbps (160M/MSC13).

Intel Wi-Fi 7 BE200 vs BE202 AX210 vs AX411 Specifications

Intel BE202BE200AX411AX210
Product CollectionIntel® Wi-Fi 7 SeriesIntel® Wi-Fi 7 SeriesIntel® Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+) SeriesIntel® Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+) Series
Marketing StatusLaunchedLaunchedLaunchedLaunched
Launch DateQ3’23Q3’23Q4’21Q4’20
Weight (in grams)2230: 3.07+/-0.15 , 1216: 0.75+/-0.042230: 3.07+/-0.15G 1216:0.75+/-0.04G2.82.8
Operating Temperature Range0 °C to 80 °C0 °C to 80 °C0°C to 80°C0°C to 80°C
Operating Temperature (Maximum)80 °C80 °C80 °C80 °C
Operating Temperature (Minimum)0 °C0 °C0 °C0 °C
Supported Operating SystemsWindows 11*, Windows 10*, Linux*Windows 11*, Windows 10*, Linux*Windows 11, 64-bit*, Windows 10, 64-bit*, Linux*Windows 11, 64-bit*, Windows 10, 64-bit*, Linux*
Recommended Customer Price$12.84 – $20.33$11.00 – $33.00
Supplemental Information
Product BriefView nowView nowView nowView now
Networking Specifications
TX/RX Streams2×22X22×2 (Intel® Double Connect Technology)2×2
Bands2.4, 5, 6 GHz (160MHz)2.4, 5, 6 GHz2.4, 5, 6 GHz (160MHz)2.4, 5, 6 GHz (160MHz)
Max Speed5 Gigabit~3.0 Gbps2.4 Gbps
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED*Wi-Fi 7 Pre-cerifiedWi-Fi 6E (802.11ax)Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax)
Integrated BluetoothYesYes
Bluetooth Version5.35.3
Package Specifications
Board Form FactorM.2 2230, M.2 1216M.2 2230, M.2 1216M.2 2230, M.2 1625M.2 2230, M.2 1216
Package Size22mm x 30mm x 2.4mm, 12mm x 16mm x 1.7(+/-0.1)mm22mm x 30mm x 2.4mm, 12mm x 16mm x 1.7(+/-0.1)mm22mm x 30mm x 2.4mm, 16mm x 25mm x 2.0mm22mm x 30mm x 2.4mm, 12mm x 16mm x 1.65mm
System Interface TypeM.2: PCIe*, USBM.2: PCIe*, USBM.2: CNVio2Wi-Fi(PCIe), BT(USB)
Advanced Technologies
Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA)YesYesYesYes
Supported Under Intel vPro® TechnologyYesYesYesYes
Intel® Smart Connect TechnologyNoNo

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