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Remember when you used to check the newspaper and the community job board to look for new work? Some of us may still spend a few minutes browsing these areas, but technology has significantly changed the job market.

From the way we search for jobs to the jobs we are doing, here are the ways that tech is reshaping the job market.

Finding Job Vacancies Online is Easy

There is no doubt that competition for jobs has increased since they have been advertised online. Now a job in a small town can receive hundreds of applications whereas before the internet they would have received a handful of applications from locals.

Yet, along with a rise in competition, there are also many opportunities. Jobseekers can find many more vacancies in the blink of an eye in their area. For example, within seconds of searching for jobs in Liverpool on Jobrapido you can be exposed to hundreds of suitable roles waiting for your application. That was never possible in the pre-internet age.

Tech Jobs are In Demand and Paid Well

If technology is getting better at helping us search for jobs, there are people behind the technology creating it and making it happen. Unless you have been living on Mars for some time, you will know technology is taking over and this has led to more jobs in tech.

Not only are there more businesses demanding coders, engineers and data scientists, but all of these jobs are well paid too.

Social Media Is Revolutionary

Social media marketing is a maverick that has enhanced the way businesses promote products, but not enough is said on how it develops employer branding and attracts professionals to certain companies.

Not only does social media help employers attract the right people, but it has also developed the job market in a more direct way. Now people are making a living from working on social media by managing company accounts or operating as customer service agents. Overall, social media is a vehicle to find staff and a place for staff to be employed.

Increase in Remote Workers and Freelancers

Did you know that in 2018, 40% of all workers in New York worked some capacity as a remote worker or freelancer? You do now and that staggering figure suggests that the working schedule and working routines are changing.

This has been made possible through sophisticated the internet, cross-border payment technologies and freelancing websites.

Some Jobs Have Been Replaced with Technology

Along with all the good stuff, it must also be said that technology has caused some low-skill workers to lose their jobs. Machines now operate and can execute actions that humans were doing – and it is our job to curtail their involvement in our working lives to some degree.

Nevertheless, technology and the internet has done wonders to the speed and effectiveness of securing a new job. From undergrads to almost-retirees, these technologies are available for us all to use and take advantage of in the job market.

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