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Huawei today has announced a refresh for their laptop lineup. It is somewhat over-eclipsed by the up and coming phone announcement but the new laptops offer flagship specs with innovative features.

The announcement included three laptops including the flagship Huawei Matebook X Pro and then also Matebook 14 and 13 models.

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Each laptop has been upgraded to the latest Intel Whiskey Lake i7-8565U processor which is a quad core eight thread CPU with a base frequency of 1.80 GHz and a boost of 4.60 GHz.

The Matebook X Pro will be one of the first laptops to feature the newly announced Nvidia GeForce MX250 which provides a significant boost to the graphics over the integrated GPU of the Intel chip.

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The MX250 has 384 CUDA cores and has 2GB of GDDR5 and features GPU boost functionality. Nvidia has not released any more info about the GPU at the moment, but expect it to offer a moderate improvement over the previous MX150 that was featured on the Matebook X Pro from 2018.

Most of the physical aspects of the laptop stay the same from the previous generation and all the power is squeezed into a 1.33kg chassis that is just 14.6mm thick.

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The screen remains the superb 13.9-inch panel running at 3000×2000 giving you lots of vertical space and a 91% screen to body ratio and is capable of 350 nits of brightness. The display is also a touchscreen and using multi touch gesture you can now easy take screen shots by swiping down then selectign the area you want to capture.

Just like last year the laptop has the quirky little pop up camera mounted into the keyboard. With all the hacking and privacy scares this helps the laptop stand out from competing brands.

The Wifi has been upgraded to AC 9560 which is twice as fast as the previous generation.

The laptop still features a USB 3.0 Type A port, and the USB-C port has been upgraded to support full speed Thunderbolt 3. This will allow you to use an external GPU turning the laptop in a capable gaming machine.

The cooling system has also been improved and works in passive and active modes dependent on CPU and GPU load. Huawei claims a 20% efficiency improvement which should help maintain performance and keep the laptop running quietly.

The Matebook 14 has a 2k display with a 90% screen to body ratio, two USB Type-A ports and a USB-C. The battery is rated for 15 hours of video playback and most users should get a full days worth of use out of it

Onehop NFC Sharing

One of the features Huawei were keen to advertise for all three laptops is the new Onehop functions. This is an NFC sticker built into the laptop and when you use a Huawei phone with it you can share photos, videos and other files instantly at speds of 30mbps.

The demo they did was impressive, they were instantly able to transfer photos from a phone to laptop. It is also possible to screen record using the phone too, you shake your phone, tap it and it will record up to 60 seconds of footage from the laptop.

Pricing and full specifications have now been confirmed during the keynote with the following images revealing all the information.

IMG 20190224 145514
IMG 20190224 145524

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