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The mobile app development process can prove to be quite cumbersome sometimes. It consumes a lot of time and energy to create an app that might have a chance to succeed. 

Besides putting countless hours in coding, you also need to think about the app you want to create very thoroughly. If you want people to pay for the download, or make it free? If you make it free how are you going to monetize it? How many features are you going to include? What would be the goal of the app? And so forth…

As you can see, unless you’ve got a guideline, creating an app can be nerve-racking. So here we offer you a bit of an insight into the steps developers take in creating apps.

1. Thinking phase 

As we’ve said before, you need to put a lot of thought into your app, before putting any proper work in it. This is one of the key steps in development, that either marks your app for success or failure.

Try to form an idea of what exactly your app is going to be or do. What sort of public is it going to cater to? What’s your monetization strategy? What features are you going to include? How would you market it once it is launched? 

Once you’ve figured out exactly what your app is going to do, you’re ready to proceed to the next step, and that is creating the basic skeleton of your application.

2. Designing phase

Only now you start putting proper work in your app. You start sketching the basics of it. Creating a solid base will determine how your next step is going to work out, so you want to put quite a bit of time in this process.

The design of your app needs to be user-friendly and intuitive. You don’t want people to spend more time on the app, figuring out how it works, than actually using it. 

This is very important because an easy to use app will make people spend more time in it, thus generating traffic and creating you more revenue off of ads.

Also, you might want to implement the base features, nothing too complicated. 

3. Development 

Now, you’re going to turn your sketch into something good and proper. Extend on your features, work on the look of it and give it a polish.

Once you’ve spent a lot of time in this process, you are finally ready to launch the app. However, development is not finished just yet.

4. Feedback

Finally, your work is getting paid off. You get downloads and start making some revenue. However, some people out there complain about your app. 

Don’t take it personally though, take the opportunity and improve your application. People’s opinions are very important in this type of business, and you need to take account of anything they mention.


With those being said, app development can get very time-consuming and quite frustrating as well. However, a good idea and well-thought implementation can turn your work into a solid business.

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  1. Creation of mobile application is a difficult task until you have right guidance and right service provider. Thanks for sharing the amazing blog. Keep posting.

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