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If you have considered starting a Twitch channel as a side hustle or even potentially a full time job, then you have probably wondered how twitch streamers make money. Before Twitch was as popular as it is today, there were a lot less avenues to make money from streaming.

Nowadays there are more ways than ever to make a living from streaming. Not only are streamers able to make money directly from Twitch. There are now a variety of ways to make money through sponsorship opportunities, signing with an Esport streaming team or even playing certain games as part of a promotion.

Making Money As A Twitch Affiliate

If you have just started streaming then your options will be a lot more limited for generating revenue. Your best option is to work towards joining the twitch affiliate program. Once you have joined this program you can now receive subscriptions, earn ad revenue and also take bit donations.

A streamer can only receive subscribers once they have become an affiliated streamer. However it can take some time before you reach the level where you can become a Twitch affiliate. During this time you can still receive donations to help generate some revenue.

Twitch subscriptions are separated into three tiers :

  • Tier 1 : $4.99/mo
  • Tier 2 : $9.99/mo
  • Tier 3 : $24.99/mo

This tiered system allows people to support you at different levels. In addition to this, the gifted subscription system has been a huge boost to many streamers. It allows one person to gift multiple subscriptions to other viewers.

Making Money With Sponsorships

With the size of some streamer communities, it’s no surprise that sponsorships have become so prevalent. The way that a sponsorship usually works is that the streamer will get paid an agreed amount per month to advertise a product on stream. For some of the smaller streamers there are other options such as being given a promo code. The streamers viewers can then get a discount on the product, and the streamer gets a percentage cut of the sale.

Sponsorships are a lot easier to come by when you are pulling in a good number of viewers. Given you are also representing another brand you should do your best to keep a professional streaming image. You could buy twitch overlays, high quality cameras etc. All of these things will help you both in growing a channel and finding sponsorships.

Making Money From Paid Streams

It’s no coincidence that when a new game releases the top streamers all seemingly decided to stream it. It’s quite common practice for game companies to now pay for sponsored stream slots with the bigger streamers. For an agreed price the streamer will play the game on stream for a length of time. There were rumour’s of some streamers being offered $1 million dollars to play Cyberpunk on release day.

As with sponsorships, getting the opportunity for paid streams may only come to you after you have an established audience.


It will take hard work and consistency before you get your first pay check from streaming. Before you start earning you will have to build up a sizeable audience and become a twitch affiliate. Nevertheless if streaming is something you enjoy and are passionate about then it will all be worth you while.

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