Gioteck TX70 Wireless RF Gaming Headset Review

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Gioteck is always a safe bet for affordable gaming peripherals, offering good quality products for the price you pay.

The Gioteck TX70 wireless headphones are designed for the PC, PS5 and PS4. They use 2.4Ghz connectivity, so you need a dongle to attach the device


There is not much to do to get these working. With them charged, you just need to plug in your 2.4Ghz dongle into the console or PC, power the headphones up, and they will connect automatically.

I had some intermittent connectivity issues with the headphones. I mainly used these with the PC and I have a lot of electronics everywhere so it is possible some interference was introduced. Relocating the dongle, a little closer fixed these issues, and I experienced no problems with the PSB with the dongle across the room but with nothing in its way.

Alternatively, you have a 3.5mm headphone jack for wired connectivity.

Design / Fit / Comfort

Gioteck TX70 Wireless RF Gaming Headset Review1

These are quite large headphones but reasonably light. They look good, but as you would expect at this price point, it is a little plasticy.

There is plenty of padding on both the earcups and headrest. Unlike almost all other headsets, these use a cloth material rather than uPVC. My ears overheat very quickly with uPVC coated pads, and I have found that these are much better for heat management.

Gioteck TX70 Wireless RF Gaming Headset Review2

The headset doesn’t feel quite as comfortable at first as some others I have used, but the fact that I can wear them longer than an hour before I get hot ears makes up for this.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is surprisingly good. They offer a good level of bass, making them more exciting to use when playing action games.

One problem that sometimes happens with bass-heavy headphones is the bass creeps into the other frequencies making it difficult to make out finer details in the mids and trebles. This can often be bad for gaming, making you miss environmental noises. These seem to offer better bass separation than normal, allowing the bass to come through with explosions but also allowing you to hear people creep up on you.


Gioteck TX70 Wireless RF Gaming Headset Review3

I thought these came without a microphone at first, but it is that discretely hidden away. On the left earpad is a small plastic flip-down mic, which is muted when flipped up.

Sound quality is acceptable, it picks up some static and background noises, but this is to be expected at this price point.

Battery Life

I really hate devices using microUSB, it is just a pain having to have different cables when most things are on USB-C now (unless you have an iPhone). Some leeway needs to be given considering these are so cheap, but I hope future iterations switch to USB-C.

Gioteck claims these will go for 15 hours. I haven’t run them from full to flat, but I used them for several days between charges with no issues, and I would guess the numbers are about right.

Price and Alternative

You can currently buy the Gioteck TX70 from Game for £49.99.

The next cheapest option is the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core for £74.99.

This, therefore, makes the Gioteck 33% cheaper than anything else on offer, which is a bit of a bargain.

You can, of course, pick up similarly priced headsets from Amazon, but these are all random no-name brands.


The Gioteck TX70 Wireless RF Gaming Headset is a no-frills wireless gaming headset that is considerably cheaper than well-known brand names.

While they are not perfect, they perform better than the price would suggest.

The sound quality is good, with decent bass levels, ideal for gaming. I also found the cloth-covered foam pads more comfortable for extended gameplay than the uPVC coating found on almost every other headset.

Gioteck TX70 Wireless RF Gaming Headset Review


The Gioteck TX70 Wireless RF Gaming Headset is a no-frills wireless gaming headset that offers excellent performance for the price

  • Overall - 80%


  • Best priced brand name option on the market
  • Decent sound quality
  • Cloth ear pads offer better heat management


  • Interference possible depending on range & obstacles

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