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For the past few years, I have noticed that food seems to go off much faster than it used to.

I have found that many supermarkets seem to have much shorter dates on food, and I have found fruit and vegetables particularly bad for going off quickly.

The problem is exacerbated by the recent cost of living crisis. Food costs much more and then goes off much more quickly.

In the UK, it appears the issue with fruit won’t go away any time soon due to Brexit. As we are no longer in the EU, other countries don’t have to ensure the quality of produce, and it is time-consuming and costly for it to be inspected by the importing country.

EcoLoc can’t fix these issues, but they do claim to extend the shelf life of your food.

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What is EcoLoc & How does it work?

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EcoLoc is a relatively simple concept. They have developed special lids for glass Ikea food containers, which then allow you to attach a UV light to help sanitise your food and reduce the microorganisms present on food and in the food container, effectively slowing down the process of food decay.

This technology became particularly popular during COVID, with many companies offering devices that would UV sterilise/sanitise your phone.

I always felt like those devices were a bit of a scam trying to monopolise on COVID, but UV sanitisation can be highly effective. It has been shown that UVC rays may eliminate nearly 99.9% of microbes on phones after one minute.

UV allows you to sanitise things without using any liquid or heat, which is, therefore, ideal for food and electronics alike.

So, the logic seems to make sense for sanitising food to reduce microorganisms present in food and slow down decay.

What’s Included With the Starter Kit?

Ecoloc Food Storage unboxing
  • 1 EcoLoc device
  • 3 food containers (1.0 l)
  • 3 EcoLoc lids
  • 1 standard USB-C cable

The Ecoloc website states you get three one-litre plastic containers, but my review sample arrived with three glass Ikea containers.

Does EcoLoc Keep Food Fresh?

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I set up a basic test to see how much difference Ecoloc makes with keeping food fresh. I decided to test it with peaches and strawberries, as I find that these are prone to going mouldy quickly.

I left some fruit out in their original container, then some fruit in an EcoLock container, but I didn’t sanitise it and then another container where I did sanitise it.

The food that was left in the original container started to go soft and mouldy quickly, and by day 7, it was not fit for consumption.

The rate of decay was significantly slower in the airtight containers.

Price and Alternative Options

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The Ecoloc starter kit costs €149/£136 and includes:

  • 1 EcoLoc device
  • 3 food containers (1.0 l)
  • 3 EcoLoc lids
  • 1 standard USB-C cable

You can then buy an additional three packs of lids for £26.

Vacuum storage may be a more cost-efficient alternative. Various brands have a similar concept of storage containers, but instead of a UV sanitiser, they use a small hand pump to create a vacuum.

Natifresh is one option, which is just £6.50 for the pump, then you need to buy the containers separately, with a 3.5L plastic container costing £12.

Swilling has an electronic vacuum pump for £75, and they sell glass containers for £11.42 for a small container or £18 for a medium container.

Using a sous vide vacuum sealer would likely have the lowest upfront cost, but it creates plastic waste.


My testing of the Ecoloc containers was quite limited. I will need to continue using them over several months to try and gauge how much difference the UV sanitisation makes.

From my initial experiment, the system does seem to work. By day 7, the unsanitised fruit was starting to go a bit mouldy, and there also appeared to be more moisture build up on the glass.

While I am confident that Ecoloc will keep food fresher for longer, it is less clear if it represents good value for money. With a cost of €149/£136 and three Ecoloc lids included, it is going to take a long time to see a return on investment.

Overall, I think the high price of the EcoLoc starter kit is quite high and will likely be off-putting for many potential buyers. But, if you are the type of person who does bulk meal prepping, then this is well worth considering as you can prep more for longer without worrying about it wasting.

Ecoloc Food Storage with UV Sanitisation Review


Ecoloc does appear to work as advertised. I found that fruit that had been treated with UV lasted several days longer than untreated food in air-tight containers and many days longer than fruit left exposed to the air.

However, the high up front cost will mean it may take a long time to see a positive return on investment.

  • Overall - 65%


  • The UV sanitisation does appear to extend freshness as advertised
  • Easy and quick to use


  • High price with only a moderate extension of freshness vs an air tight container

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