Ecoflow PowerOcean DC Fit

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EcoFlow, a leading manufacturer of portable power stations and renewable energy solutions, is set to unveil an innovative new product at Solar & Storage Live 2023 – the UK’s largest renewable energy exhibition. The company will showcase its PowerOcean DC Fit, a unique retrofit battery storage solution that seamlessly integrates with existing residential solar systems.

The PowerOcean DC Fit marks EcoFlow’s debut in the UK home solar energy market. It offers easier integration and installation compared to conventional battery storage solutions. The product previously debuted at Intersolar Europe 2022 in Germany, where it immediately drew praise from industry experts for its clever design and positioning.

Easy Integration Without Additional Inverters

Unlike most battery storage systems, the PowerOcean DC Fit uses EcoFlow’s proprietary PV-coupling technology to connect directly to the PV side of existing solar installations. This approach eliminates the need for homeowners to purchase and install additional battery inverters.

The PowerOcean DC Fit also features a self-adaptive algorithm that ensures wide compatibility with most solar inverters on the market. Homeowners can avoid the hassle and expense of replacing their existing inverters.

Flexible and Expandable Battery Storage

The PowerOcean DC Fit starts at a 5kWh capacity per battery pack but can scale up to 15kWh of storage as needs grow. Each 800V high voltage battery pack can independently power single or three-phase inverters, providing an affordable path to increased energy autonomy.

Straightforward Installation Without Rewiring

By leveraging EcoFlow’s PV-coupling tech, the PowerOcean DC Fit connects directly to solar panels, so homeowners don’t have to modify any AC wiring or apply for a new grid connection permit.

The system has a minimalist, stackable design with easy click-on battery terminals to reduce wiring work and simplify installation. EcoFlow claims it is one of the easiest home battery systems to deploy.

Industry-Leading Safety and Reliability

In addition to effortless installation, the PowerOcean DC Fit touts an industry-leading 15-year battery warranty. This is enabled by the system’s safe and reliable LFP battery chemistry.

Comprehensive active and passive safety features such as fire prevention and auto-heating modules provide peace of mind. Each battery pack connects in parallel and uses EcoFlow’s advanced BMS to prevent issues from cascading between modules.

EcoFlow Focused on Local Support

EcoFlow plans to provide UK customers with exceptional after-sales support, including a dedicated 1-to-1 customer hotline and live chat available 8am to 8pm on weekdays. The company also promises prompt 24-hour email assistance along with a local repair center.

The firm will offer training resources and partner trial programs to ensure installers can seamlessly deploy the new product. EcoFlow first expanded into home solar storage solutions in 2023, aligning with its mission to provide sustainable, reliable, and smart energy products that increase resilience.

The PowerOcean DC Fit will be available in the UK in early 2024. Homeowners can enquire and purchase through certified local installers after its launch.


Input (PV)
Maximum PV input charging power5kW (2.5kW*2)
Maximum PV input bypass power per string15kW
Maximum input voltage1000V d.c.
Operating voltage range150V~800V d.c.
Start voltage150V
Maximum PV current per string20A
Maximum operating current per string12A
Number of PV strings2
Supported solar inverter typeSingle phase / Three phase
Output voltage range150V~800V d.c.
Maximum discharging output power  to inverter5kW (2.5kW*2)
Maximum output current20A
Output current per string12A
Other specifications
Operating temperature range-20℃~50℃
Operating humidity0~100% RH
Maximum operating altitude3000m
Protection levelIP65
Communication methodRS485, Wi-Fi, WAN, Bluetooth
Noise level≤35dB

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