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Paris-based wearable technology company Circular has announced the launch of the Circular Ring Slim, billing it as the thinnest and lightest health ring in the world. The new smart ring builds on the success of the company’s original Circular Ring Pro, packing an array of advanced sensors into a tiny 2.2mm thick, 2 gram titanium casing.

Slim yet Mighty

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Despite its diminutive size, Circular claims the Ring Slim provides comprehensive health tracking capabilities thanks to its suite of sensors. These include a 3-axis accelerometer to track activity and movement, a temperature sensor to detect variations during sleep, and advanced PPG sensors that use green, red and infrared LEDs to monitor heart rate, respiration, blood oxygen levels and more.

The Ring Slim takes a reading every 2 minutes, capturing 15 times more data than competing health trackers. And with 6 days of battery life and 20 days of onboard memory, it is designed to be worn continuously day and night to build a detailed profile of the wearer’s health and wellbeing.

Haptic Feedback for Enhanced Experience

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Unlike the previous model, the Ring Slim does away with physical buttons in favor of a haptic navigation system. Users can tap anywhere on the ring to activate different functions, with haptic vibrations providing feedback and alerts.

This allows for features like a smart alarm that gently vibrates to wake the wearer at an optimal time based on their sleep cycle. The haptics also enable medication and breathing exercise reminders, making the slim ring a more intuitive and proactive health companion.

AI Assistant for Personalized Guidance

To make sense of the wealth of data captured by the ring, Circular has developed an AI assistant called Kira+. Over a 14-day period, Kira+ asks questions and analyzes the user’s metrics to build a personalized profile.

It then provides tailored health insights, advice and motivational strategies to help the user sleep better, stay active and maintain wellbeing. Kira+ also monitors for potential issues before they arise, acting as an early warning system.

Gamification and Rewards

Circular aims to motivate users through gamification elements in its app like challenges, leaderboards and a digital currency system. By hitting activity goals, users can earn Circular Coins to exchange for Circular products and services or compatible third-party ones.

This provides incentives to stay engaged with the ring and app for the long term to build healthy habits. The app also connects to platforms like Google Fit and Apple HealthKit for broader ecosystem integration.

Premium Health Tracking in a Stylish Package

With advanced sensors and an AI assistant in a uniquely compact design, the Circular Ring Slim aims to push the boundaries of health tracking technology and accessibility. Its slimline profile makes it a stylish accessory for all-day, everyday use, while providing continuous monitoring of a wide array of biometrics.

The Ring Slim is available for pre-order now starting at £199, with general availability from December 15th at a regular price of £225. Circular is confident its latest smart ring can provide premium health insights in a uniquely wearable and appealing package.

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