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Botslab is a new company to me. Looking at their Amazon store, they are relatively new to the market, with the Botslab S8 robot vacuum being listed for around 18 months. It appears they have recently launched a range of security cameras, with the Botslab Video Doorbell 2 Pro being their latest launch.

I have reviewed a lot of excellent video doorbell cameras over the years with some highlights including:

Priced at £130, it is a relatively affordable doorbell camera sitting on the low to mid-range of pricing, but it has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd,

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Features / Specification

  • Comprehensive Security Coverage: The Botslab battery video doorbell provides a complete 180° horizontal and 180° vertical panoramic view in stunning 5MP resolution. With four selectable view modes (Panoramic, VR, Horizontal Correction, Vertical Correction), you can easily monitor every angle of your doorstep, whether it’s a child or a delivered package. The wide field of view ensures nothing is missed.
  • Exceptional Video Quality Day and Night: Equipped with HDR capability, this smart video doorbell security camera delivers clear footage even in challenging backlight conditions. At night, the doorbell provides visibility up to 24ft using its night vision technology. You’ll always have a crisp view of your visitors regardless of the lighting.
  • Intelligent Alerts, Minimized False Alarms: Benefit from advanced AI detection that accurately identifies humans, detects loitering and recognizes visitors. By combining radar and PIR (passive infrared) detection, false alerts are minimized. The doorbell also features clear two-way audio with voice modulation for enhanced privacy when communicating with visitors remotely.
  • Affordable, Ample Storage Options: Enjoy worry-free video storage without ongoing fees. The doorbell offers free lifetime cloud storage and has a built-in 32GB local storage capacity. You’ll get 48 hours of event video storage for the first year, and 24 hours from the second year onwards, providing a cost-effective solution for reviewing footage.
  • Robust Performance, Smart Home Ready: This wireless WiFi video doorbell camera is built to last. It features a high-capacity 6400mAh rechargeable battery, supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, and boasts an IP66 weatherproof rating for reliable operation in various conditions. The doorbell also integrates seamlessly with popular smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for added convenience and voice control.
botslab package contents

Subscription & Recording Options

Botslab has adopted a similar approach as my recent Spot Cam review. The camera is usable without a subscription thanks to 32GB of onboard storage plus free cloud recordings.

For the free cloud recordings you get 48 hours storage the first year then 24 hours storage subsequent years.

It also includes some free AI detection features such as person and prowler.

However, other advanced features are locked into a subscription. Unlike Spot Cam, the price is quite reasonable.

The monthly subscription is either $5pcm for a single device or $13 for 10, and this includes:

  • 30 days of video event footage
  • Human Recognition
  • Intrusion Notification
  • Departure Notification
  • Gesture Call
  • No Person Notification
  • Crying Detection
  • Alarm Notification
  • Pet Detection
  • Vehicle Recognition
  • Illegal Parking Monitoring
  • Vehicle Protection
  • Regional Audible and Visual Alarm

Obviously, some of them won’t, but much use with a doorbell, but it will work with other Botslab cameras you may have.

After enabling this subscription on my camera, I have to say, I am not too sure what features got enabled. Even though the pack says it is compatible with the camera, the individual features don’t appear to be compatible. It could be that this is quite a new camera so they haven’t been enabled yet.

Fisheye Lens for 180° Horizontal, 180° Vertical Coverage

Botslab Video Doorbell 2 Pro Review by MightyGadget 1

The most interesting feature of this doorbell camera is the fisheye-style lens that gives you 180° horizontal and 180° vertical coverage.

With the camera attached to my door, I am able to capture footage all the way down my garden path, both left and right, ensuring the camera captures footage of someone approaching the door from any direction.

This is the first doorbell camera I have used with such a camera. The Eufy dual-lens cameras are the best alternative options I have used, which have a camera that provides 160° coverage but then a second camera specifically for packages that provide 97° coverage.

Arlo is capable of doing 180-degree diagonal coverage with its unusual 1536×1536 resolution. The main benefit of this is that you get head-to-toe coverage, but it doesn’t cover wide angles in the same way.

Botslab view modes

Due to the fisheye design, this camera gives you multiple viewing options:

  • VR mode allows you to look around left and right, giving you the best possible footage
  • Vertical orientation gives you a full 180° on the vertical plane
  • Horizontal gives you 180° coverage left and right
  • Or view correction gives you that circular fish-eye view, allowing you to view the full image in one but harder to make out details


Botslab Video Doorbell 2 Pro Review Mounted Side View

The doorbell design is similar to many of the affordable options on the market. There is nothing with nothing for the doorbell itself.

Like many doorbells, this can be run off a battery or you can wire it into your existing system.

The doorbell has a back mounting bracket which can be fixed in place with the included screws, or you can stick it to a surface with the pre-applied 3M tape. It is more than strong enough to adhere to the typical UPVC doors we have in the UK or the glass on your door.

The doorbell is then attached onto to the backplate, and it is locked into place, which requires a SIM tool to unlock it.

You also get a 15-degree mounting bracket if you are fitting it at an angle.

The base station is a basic plug-in unit with 32GB of storage built in.

One feature you won’t find on many affordable doorbells is the dual-band WIFi, giving you the option of 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

App / Settings

The app is a little bit confusing. As stated previously, you can subscribe to a range of additional AI skills. If you select the individual options, it says the camera is not compatible, but then under the Me tab and AI Skill, you can purchase the package of all the skills for just $5, but it doesn’t appear if these skills work or not.

Beyond that, the settings are similar to most doorbell cameras, you have options for:

  • Motion Recordings
  • Ring Alerts
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Message Settings (what is included with the notifications and how they are sent)
  • Prowler alarm (when someone lingers)
  • Anti Theft Siren
  • Detection Zone
  • Image, Night Vision and Sounds
  • Battery Saving Mode (allows you to adjust the recording length and trigger interval)
  • Device Health
  • Storage
  • Cloud Recording Options

Motion Detection

Motion detection works well, and to the best of my knowledge, the AI functions have been built-in and free of charge. The doorbell could identify people and prowlers before I subscribed to the service. After the subscription, I couldn’t tell if there were any new options added.

There is limited customisation for motion detection. You can modify the detection zone, customise the prowler alert, and set the events to which you want to be alerted.

There is no vehicle detection, pet detection or package detection.

Day Time Footage

The camera records at 5MP with a fisheye-style lens. In the app, you can switch between view modes, giving you a more traditional appearance to your footage. For example, the horizontal correction, the image looks like what you would get from most normal surveillance cameras.

However, when you download the footage, it is in the fisheye format with a video resolution of 1440×1440 and a frame rate of 15fps. This, therefore, condenses a very wide viewing angle down into quite a small image.

I find it works fine, and I like the fact that the camera is capable of capturing people walking down my garden path in whichever direction they come from. But, it only really captures a good level of detail when someone is standing directly in front of the camera.

This is fundamentally a problem with all surveillance cameras; you can either capture a wider viewing angle with less detail or a narrow angle with lots of detail.

As I have security cameras as well as a video doorbell, I am quite happy with this fisheye view.

Night Time Footage

Botslab Video Doorbell 2 Pro Night Footage

Footage in low light is acceptable. Like most doorbell cameras this will drop down to black and white in the evening using IR leds for illumination. This can cause glare and reduced quality, which exacerbates some of the issues with detail that the fisheye lens suffers from. But it works adequately for its intended purposes.

Botslab Video Doorbell 2 Pro Night Footage 2


I have had the camera for around a month and my front garden is quite private due as we have 6ft fences around the walls so it doesn’t trigger when people walk down the street.

I probably get 10-15 alerts per day, and the camera has just run out of battery, which is well under the claimed 210 days.

I use the 5GHz network, which is theoretically more power-consuming than 2.4GHz.

Four to six weeks seems to be the norm for many cameras, but my Eufy doorbell gets around twice that.  

Price and Alternative Options

The Botslab Video Doorbell 2 Pro is listed on Amazon UK for just £130.

Buy from Amazon

For Ring, you have:

  • Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) priced at £100
  • Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus is priced at £130

While the upfront pricing is attractive, the monthly subscription fee will make Ring much more expensive to own in the long term.

Eufy has the eufy Security Video Doorbell Wireless S210 2K at just £95, which provides 2K footage and no subscription needed, as well as on-device AI detection. The dual camera E340 is just £180 but doesn’t include a home base or chime.

Tapo has the D230S1, which is just £100 with 2K footage and local storage for subscription-free use.


Overall, I think the Botslab Video Doorbell 2 Pro is a good video doorbell, and I like the fact that it has done something a little different from all the other affordable doorbells on the market.

It lacks some of the settings and features other cameras have, but considering the AI skills store, I would hope that will change in the future.

Due to the nature of the 5MP fisheye lens, the overall video quality isn’t quite as good, but I personally use a video doorbell for notifications and to be aware of who is at the door. I have proper surveillance cameras for security, and this is something you need to consider when buying any video doorbell (field of view vs detail).

As this is on the affordable end of the spectrum, I’d opt for this over Ring and Arlo, as those systems require a subscription. Ring recently jacked up the price of their basic plan by 43%, taking it to £50 a year, which would make their £100 2ng gen Doorbell very expensive after a few years.

Overall, I think the Botslab Video Doorbell 2 Pro is a good video doorbell camera and well worth considering if you want to avoid expensive subscription fees.

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I think the Botslab Video Doorbell 2 Pro is a good video doorbell, and I like the fact that it has done something a little different from all the other affordable doorbells on the market.


  • Fisheye lens gives you 180 degree coverage horizontally and vertically
  • 32GB storage + free cloud storage


  • The wide field of view means a lot of details is being condensed into a small image

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