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Having the necessary clothes and shoes for running and practising sports, we think that this is enough to feel easy and comfortable. After all, what other running outfits are needed to get a full pleasure of training? There are accessories that enable to alleviate some problems. Using them, you are unlikely to be able to give them up. The comfort during training allows you to concentrate on the run. Running accessories will help to minimize the number of factors interfering with the athlete’s movements.

If you often practice running, a running season of summer 2018 can bring you a sense of excitement about the latest tech and gears for athletes. On the Internet, you can find a wide range of accessories for running at affordable prices. You can buy running belts, bags, flasks, smart watches, headlamps and reflective details for the night run, and much more.

Running Belt

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Running belts are known under several brand names as FlipBelt, Dbelt, SPIband, SPIband, Walkapocket, and PortaPocket. The weight of accessories is very important for the run, especially over a long distance. The heavier the equipment, the faster the athlete gets tired. But some things may be in need, as water, gadget or energy gels. It is most convenient to fix them on the body with the help of a running belt. It fits snugly against the body and does not interfere with movements.

Phone, keys, money, and other valuable things are always safe and at hand. All you need is a comfortable and stylish sports belt with a capacious pocket. Such a belt is ideal for running, fitness, outdoor activities, bike rides, travel, tourism, etc.

The compact and capacious belt does not sag under the weight of its content, does not hang out, and does not constrain movement. The belt can be with one pocket or two, with a compartment for the smartphone, with a transparent window, and a headphone output. Running belts have a reliable plastic lock and keep valuables items dry in any weather.

Running Sports Watch

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Nothing is impossible with smart sports watch. Technology is moving forward relentlessly. Scientists and engineers invent new gadgets for many human activities. For running, the smart watch has such functions as heartbeats control, steps tracking, GPS, timer control, radio, enough memory for storing music, and many more.

Smart watches for sports are one of the most useful running accessories for men. A running smart watch presents a combination of the ordinary digital wrist watch with the most demanded functions of a modern smartphone. It’s hard to say whether smart watches will replace the usual wrist chronometer, but this unusual gadget has conquered the hearts of many users.

Smart watches are produced by many famous manufacturers of digital chronometers. Also, the leaders in the mobile gadget industry have entered in this market with their brands.


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The limited amount of light and visibility makes running in the nighttime riskier and provides some disadvantages for runners. The LED device on the head will allow seeing properly the road, navigating in the terrain, and being noticeable for other people around in the nighttime. In this case, the athlete’s hands remain free. A running headlamp is attached to the head with an elastic bandage. Among its advantages are several lighting modes, a good brightness up to 120 lumens, and a quality fixation.

Headsweats Sun Visor

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A light visor is an indispensable item for summer day workouts. It can reliably protect your eyes from sunlight and sweat. For running, the sun visor is much better than the normal cap or hat because of the better ventilation and smaller size. A special material can absorb sweat and keeps both your head and face dry for the whole run. Women can appreciate this accessory because it does not let their hair get disheveled.

Women’s Compression Shorts for Running

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Compression shorts, gaiters, leggings, and loincloths are running accessories for women. These pretty and playful running outfits (see more are exactly what women need to receive all those enthusiastic glances. Compression shorts are made of air-permeable material. Even prolonged wearing does not lead to skin irritation.

These accessories for jogging improve the muscles work and increase the effectiveness of training. They exert pressure on the veins preventing stagnation of blood and accelerating its flow. As a result, toxins are removed faster from the body and oxygen quickly comes into the muscles. As a result, the athlete is less tired and feels better after training.

Wireless Earphones

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones


The waterproof and sweatproof wireless earphones are very useful accessories for those who love listening to the music while running. New models use an up-to-date technology, which guarantees the autonomy up to 24 hours, perfect balance of frequencies, durability, and beautiful design. Also, good earphones should be lightweight and have a firm fixation in ears.

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