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Smartphones are among the most popular devices today because of their amazing multi-purpose features. Many people need them in their daily lives, and this is why the number of users is growing day by day worldwide.

According to Statista, smartphone users are currently over 6 billion around the world. And are expected to grow in the next few years by several hundred million.

However, smartphones need great care to be able to keep them for long. Most cost a lot of money, so you must look after it to provide you with the most value.

Here are the best care tips for your smartphone that boost its lifespan:

1. Add a Screen Protector

One of the riskiest parts of your smartphone is the screen because it can be cracked with just one fall. More so, a screen replacement is expensive which means you have to give it more protection.

You need to buy a protector that is installed on top of your screen. This is the best option because in case of an accident, the glass will not be damaged and only the guard will.

The screen also normally suffers from scratches and fingerprint smudges. But the protector gives it a security layer that saves it from them. You can choose any of the best screen protectors on the market like those at

2. Take Care Of The Battery

Batteries are normally the first parts of smartphones to die. So you need to learn how to keep yours healthy to last for long. First of all, you need to charge your phone correctly to avoid speeding up its deterioration.

You should stop charging your smartphone overnight. The practice overheats the battery as it remains connected to power even when it is full. You are also able to turn on battery saver mode when you aren’t using the phone because it helps in reducing usage.

3. Keep It Always Clean

You need to keep your smartphone always clean for both your and its safety. The device attracts lots of germs because you keep it handy wherever you go. And you use it without washing your hands so for the good of your health, you need to disinfect it regularly.

On top of that, the smartphone accumulates a lot of dust which can affect its performance. For example, dirt can block the speakers and affect their operations.

In addition to physically keeping the device clean, you should also do regular updates and use anti-virus software to keep it clean internally. Stay away from malicious sites, as they can implant malware on your device.

For example, in Vietnam, there are many scam sites set up to infect your phone and steal your information. Therefore, use safe sites for all your purchases such as for all your electronics needs, and to find the safe and legal betting sites. Moreover, for the latter, the platform is SSL secured, provides honest reviews on each operator, and will even help players find the best welcome bonuses available in their area.

4. Buy A Protective Case

A protective case is another great option for keeping your smartphone safe. It is the first thing you need to buy after getting a new device because it gives it protection. The case keeps your phone in perfect condition always as it limits any scratches.

You just have to find a good one that fits your smartphone. The best option needs to be water and shockproof, sturdy and strong. If you have a Samsung Galaxy, we have made a list of the best cases for you to view.

A protective case also plays a crucial role in minimizing damage if you accidentally drop your device.

5. Expand Storage

You always need to check your smartphone’s storage capacity to ensure it has enough space for smooth operations. When you fill your device with plenty of files, it starts freezing and some of its other functions may fail to operate.

One of the best measures is to remove any unused apps that may slow it down. However, if you don’t want to delete anything then you can buy a memory card to expand the storage.

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