Garmin GPS Accuracy Problems 2022 – Garmin Forerunner Series, Fenix 7, Epix 2, Vivoactive & Venu – Both Older Sony GPS & Newer All Systems-Multi-Band

[Update 12th July 2022] It would appear that Garmin is having all sorts of problems with GPS at the moment with many users continuing to have problems with GPS and lock-on times. The 7th of July update was related to devices running the Sony GPS chipset and was related to the ephemeris data file. This … Read more

How much does it cost to run an evaporative air cooler/swamp cooler? Cheap alternative to portable air con units

I have written about portable air conditioners quite a lot in the past. It is an appliance I have a lot of mixed feelings for. They are massive, ugly, noisy, expensive to buy and expensive to run. They are also a pain to get to work properly with some UK windows. However, with extreme heat … Read more

Best Soundbars for Xbox Series X & PS5 with 4K 120Hz and HDMI 2.1 eARC

If you have bought the Xbox Series X or PS5, or have a powerful gaming PC in your lounge, you will almost certainly want to play with the best possible settings. On the TV you will want 4K content with a 120Hz refresh rate giving you the best quality image and smooth gaming. Then you … Read more

Foxpark Solar 3 Wireless Reversing Camera Review – Is this the best wireless reversing camera?

I have a ten-year-old Corsa, and the most advanced piece of tech inside it is the CD player. I also hate driving, and I am not particularly good at it. Therefore I avoid reversing into any tight spaces as much as possible. A reversing camera makes life much easier, and the Foxpark Solar 3 is … Read more

Arlo Go 2 4G Security Camera Review – A well-needed upgrade to compete with Reolink Go Plus & Eufy 4G LTE Starlight

I reviewed the original Arlo Go back in 2018 when they were still under the helm of Netgear. This was originally sold as an exclusive to Vodafone under the branding V-Camera. In the meantime, Reolink has come about and launched its original Reolink Go, then the Reolink Go Plus, Go PT, Go PT Plus and … Read more

PerfectDraft vs Blade vs Krups Sub vs Salter / Beer Monster Draft Beer Tap Comparison – Which is best, and what’s the price of a pint?

Following on from my PerfectDraft Pro comparison, I thought it would be a good idea to look at the various draft beer at-home solutions on the market. I am not including things like the Kegerator, as I think that is a bit overkill for most home users unless you are a passionate home brewer. I … Read more

4 Tips For Buying Refurbished Computers

Buying refurbished stuff may make you feel uncomfortable, especially if it’s your first time doing so. But surprisingly, refurbished devices provide a smart and low-risk way of saving a ton of money when buying computers. Refurbished computers aren’t necessarily inferior to their new counterparts. In fact, you can get refurbished laptops for less money than … Read more

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