The world’s most reassuringly pricey playing cards

When you’re preparing to play a card game, the calibre of your chosen deck of cards is critical to players’ enjoyment. Avoid using flimsy, low-quality cards at any cost. There is no reason to be a cheapskate on this front because even high-end casino-quality decks of cards are not prohibitively expensive. Take our suggestion and invest … Read more

JAMESDONKEY RS2 Hot-Swappable Gasket Mounted Mechanical Keyboard Launched for $79 / £67

I previously reviewed the JAMESDONKEY RS4 and was pleasantly impressed with it. It was a well-made keyboard with both Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz and wired connectivity with RGB and Gateron Pro Yellow 2.0 switches. JAMESDONKEY have now launched the RS2, which has a retro beige colourway for anyone that has fond memories of the traditional IBM keyboards. … Read more

Online Writing Tools for Improving Your Writing Skills

Millions of students are joining college every year. They meet new people, make friends, start learning new subjects and learn something new in every lecture. Every day, they discover something new and good about themselves and their world. Apart from all these cool discoveries, they are required to write academic essays regularly by their tutors. … Read more

Why Are Online Slots Better Than Traditional Ones?

Just like the busy times of Heathrow airport, online casinos have been experiencing busy traffic due to enticing and addictive slots. The industry has successfully invited both new and veteran gamers to these sites in big numbers. These online casinos are booming due to their attractive deals and supply of classic and modern gambling games. … Read more

Why mobile technology makes life easier

The smartphone world has changed how people interact and handle different aspects of their lives. With a few clicks on your mobile screen, you can easily book flights to the desired destination, check account balances, access gaming platforms and even go through work reports. Thanks to the adoption of different technologies in the mobile industry, … Read more

Best Outdoor TV Enclosure and Weatherproof TV Guide for the UK in 2022

With the hot weather, many people will spend a lot more time in their garden over the next couple of weeks and perhaps wonder about ways to improve outdoor entertainment. If you have already built your outdoor bar with its Perfect Draft beer machine and a nice BBQ and seating, you might want to consider … Read more

What can the Nothing Phone (1) offer? Is the Moto Edge 30 better?

[Update]The Nothing phone (1) has been officially announced and will be priced at €469 / £399 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, €499 / £449 / INR 35,999 with 8/256GB, and €549 / £499 with 12/256GB.  This is a more attractive pricing than was originally rumoured and therefore this has changed my overall … Read more

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