Nebula Capsule 3 Air

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Anker’s smart entertainment brand Nebula has introduced two new portable LED projectors – the Capsule 3 and Mars 3 Air Google TV – with native Netflix integration. This makes them the first portable projectors capable of displaying high-resolution Netflix content in full 1080p.

I have previously reviewed the Nebula Capsule 3, but this new model is the Nebula Capsule 3 Air Google TV which has Google TV. Most importantly there is no need to sideload Netflix, it is built in and this avoids the resolution restrictions from sideloading the app.

Key Features

The Capsule 3 and Mars 3 Air offer users the ability to stream Netflix natively in Full HD resolution. This is a first for portable projectors and provides an enhanced viewing experience compared to smartphone-style interfaces.

Both models run on Google’s TV platform, giving access to over 10,000 apps including live TV services. Google TV provides personalized recommendations and content aggregation across services.

The projectors include features like autofocus, auto keystone correction, and auto screen fit for ease of setup. Obstacle avoidance dims the image if someone walks in front.

Capsule 3 – Ultra Compact and Portable

The Capsule 3 retains the classic Nebula soda-can design in a compact form factor measuring just over 6 inches tall. It is optimized for portability and projects a 200 ANSI lumen image.

The integrated 52Wh battery enables up to 2.5 hours of playback. Fast charging is supported via USB-C Power Delivery.

Its lightweight body and built-in speaker make the Capsule 3 ideal for small spaces like dorm rooms, kitchens, and hotel rooms.

Mars 3 Air – Brighter 400 Lumen Performance

With 400 ANSI lumens of brightness, the Mars 3 Air creates vivid larger projections up to 200 inches. It incorporates a high-capacity 64.8Wh battery for up to 2.5 hours of unplugged viewing.

Dual 8W Dolby Digital Plus speakers provide an immersive cinematic audio experience. This makes the Mars 3 Air well-suited for outdoor movie nights and road trips.

Both models include an HDMI input to connect gaming consoles, DVD players, and other media devices.

Pricing and Availability

The Nebula Capsule 3 and Mars 3 Air will launch in early December priced at £549.99 and £499.99 respectively. They will be available for purchase online directly from Nebula and Amazon UK.

This addition of Netflix to Nebula’s portable projectors provides users an all-in-one entertainment solution. The ability to stream Netflix natively in Full HD is a standout feature in the portable projector market.

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