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At CES 2024, Anker and its sub-brands have launched a range of exciting new products, which will be available to see at the company’s expansive booth at the Las Vegas tech show.

Eufy Clean X10 Omni Robotic Vacuum

A standout product was the eufy Clean X10 Omni, an AI-powered robotic vacuum with LIDAR mapping and integrated mopping capabilities. This high-end model combines suction power on par with previous eufy flagships along with a mopping system that exerts 1kg of downward pressure. The unique pentagonal mop design and precision sensors allow the X10 Omni to tackle stuck-on stains while avoiding carpets.

Eufy Clean X10 2

When finished cleaning, the vacuum returns to its charging base, featuring a 2.7L dust bag and automatic drying for its mops. Anker claims strong privacy protections as well, with all data processing occurring locally on the device. Retailing for £799, the eufy Clean X10 Omni will be available this February.

Soundcore Boom 2 Rugged, Powerful Bluetooth Speaker

Boom 2

For music lovers, Anker brand soundcore showcased the upcoming Boom 2 portable Bluetooth speaker.

I was a big fan of the Motion Boom Plus, which had an 80W output, whereas the standard Motion Boom was just 30W. This new chunky, rounded speaker packs a 60W punch. Dual up-firing speakers, a separate tweeter, and BassUpTM technology promise an impactful listening experience with thumping low frequencies.

Designed to withstand the elements, the IPX7 waterproof Boom 2 can be submerged in water and will even float. Integrated LED lights pulse along with the music for added flair. With up to 17 hours of battery life, it can easily get a beach party going all afternoon and into the night. The soundcore Boom 2 launches this spring, priced at £129.99.

It is worth noting that the Motion Boom Plus has an RRP of £170 but is consistently available for around £ 130, and the smaller Motion Boom is £90 RRP but normally available for around £72. The Motion Boom Plus was a hefty speaker at over 5kg so it will be interesting to see how big the new Boom 2 is.

SOLIX Solar Power Stations for Outdoor Adventures


Anker’s renewable energy brand SOLIX introduced both compact and high-capacity portable power stations. The new SOLIX C800 and C800 Plus feature 768Wh batteries to charge phones, laptops, and small appliances on camping trips or in emergency scenarios. Two integrated LED lights on the Plus model provide illumination, while a collapsible tripod creates the perfect campsite fixture. Both units can recharge from solar in under 3 hours given ideal conditions.

For more heavy-duty applications, the SOLIX F3800 packs a whopping 6kWh capacity, enough to run household essentials for days. Despite its utility, the unit maintains portability thanks to a rolling suitcase design with a retractable handle and wheels. Fast recharge times under 2 hours coupled with versatile charging options make the F3800 an ideal emergency preparedness tool. The C800 starts at £649, with the higher-capacity F3800 model priced at £3699.

AnkerWork S600 Smart Conference Speaker for Hybrid Work

AnkerWork S600

AnkerWork, the company’s professional product arm, launched the S600 Conference Speaker tailored for today’s hybrid work environments. Its standout features include advanced noise cancellation algorithms that identify and filter out over 3,300 distinct ambient sounds. Four built-in microphones ensure all participants come through clearly on calls.

The sleek device also offers 15W fast wireless charging for phones and includes a 5W wireless charging mat for keeping devices powered up throughout lengthy meetings. With an expansive frequency range and 360-degree sound, the AnkerWork S600 looks to be a versatile audio upgrade for contemporary offices. It will be available this spring for £179.99.

With its diverse product portfolio spanning home goods, audio, and power delivery, Anker Innovations continues to demonstrate a keen ability to identify consumer needs across categories. This year’s CES lineup illustrates the company’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance people’s everyday lives.

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