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One of the issues with the Samsung range of phones is the modifications to the Android OS means that there is a delay in rolling out new versions of Android compared to pure Android phones. This happens with most manufacturers and it can be very frustrating if you have spent a lot of money on a flagship device.

Samsung at least, do roll out regular updates and they constantly adjusting its roadmap for the Android Pie update for various devices.

Anyone owning a Galaxy S9 or Note 9 device should now be able to update to Android Pie. This will be carrier dependant if you are on AT&T in America this should be available for you. Xfinity, Verizon and Sprint have been available for a little while now. T-Mobile are the only US based carrier still to roll out their update.

There is no current availability for UK carrier updates, but SIM free phones should be able to download the updates now.

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Previous roadmaps have been adjusted and Samsung are ahead of schedule, a rare occurrence for a tech company. The Note 8 and S8 range of devices are not scheduled for a February launch rather than March.

Lower end devices have to wait longer with the A6, A7, A8, and A9 devices all scheduled for March.

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The newly announced Samsung Galaxy M20 and M10 won’t recieve their update until August, which is a bit disappointing as they should really have launched with that.

Overall though it is good to see that Samsung are being pro-active with device updates across the board, rather than just their flagship devices.

It is only a few weeks away from MWC 2019 where we will finally see the Samsung Galaxy S10 and hopefully the new foldable Galaxy X. This will certainly launch with Android Pie and I will be reporting on the launch live from MWC later this month.

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