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Dual screen setups aren’t a new configuration, they are widely used in offices and gaming rooms around the world and provide you with more screens than a traditional monitor. However, if you aren’t a fan of the dual-screen system and want something more immersive, then maybe an ultra-wide monitor could be the choice for you, but which system is better?

Dual Monitor Set Up’s

One of the big pros of a dual monitor set-up is the ability to have two large screens working together to extend the display well past the original monitor you had. Two monitors double the amount of screen and increases the amount you are immersed in the action. The only real drawback to this system is the fact that there could be a lag between the two which could stop the smooth gameplay. To solve this problem, you want to make sure that the monitors you are using are of the same calibre. There is no point in having one strong monitor and one weak one, so it would be worth buying two new ones if your one is outdated and old.


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Samsung C49RG90 in use

Ultra-wide monitors are relatively new to the market, but they give you an extra one-third of the screen over and above traditional monitor sizes. People weren’t sure if this was going to catch on, but it has very quickly become the launch size for an array of games development companies. Ultra-wide monitors are more immersive than their smaller counterparts and give you an amazing field of vision that you can’t achieve on your standard size. These are great options for people that need a new monitor but don’t want to commit to a dual set-up due to the space that they can take up.

Set up

Setting up an ultra-wide monitor is quicker than setting up a dual system and you don’t need anywhere near as much hardware to be able to do it. All ultra-wide monitors will come with a stand straight out of the box, so you don’t need to spend time making sure the position is just right. If you are setting up a dual system, then you will also need to purchase dual arms to make sure that you can support both monitors. Whilst most will come with stands, an arm system is better at holding them in place and can also give you a better flow. If you have two different monitors both on their stands, the flow of the monitors may not be what you want, and you may not find gaming as immersive as you thought you might. It can also be a pain playing a game across two different monitors of two different sizes as the image won’t flow well across the screens.

Desk Space

If you have a small working space, then a dual system can make that space even smaller. If this space is your gaming and working space, then you may find that double the amount of cables isn’t what you want. If you are lacking on space, then an ultrawide monitor could be a good option for you. Whilst it is smaller than some dual screen setups, you don’t have to deal with two monitors side by side and you only have to think about one display cable. If you do have the space, then you could even go as far as having a dual system set up with two ultra-wide monitors. This set-up is something that gamers are picking up on and is becoming the latest trend as the field of vision it provides gamers is second to none.

Which Is Better?

There really is no clear-cut answer to that question, as it comes down to personal preference and situation. IF you have the space to have a dual-screen set up, then as long as you have two monitors that are similar and you can use, then do it. Likewise, if you don’t have the space for two monitors but space for one nice ultra-wide monitor, this also works.

Final Thoughts

Dual screen setups and ultra-wide monitors come down to the users preference. Both have their positives and negatives. With dual screens you get more screen (depending on the size) than you would an ultra-wide monitor. However, you can use ultra-wide monitors as your dual-screen set-up. If you are limited on space, then one ultra-wide monitor will be enough to fully immerse you in the game. The best thing to do is figure out which system is best to use!

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