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Zyxel has announced the launch of its new XMG1915 series of smart managed multi-gig switches at CES 2024. Designed for small businesses and professional home users, these new switches aim to provide the speed, versatility and simple management required to support modern workplace demands.

The XMG1915 Series offers compact 2.5G Multi-Gig switches with either 10 or 18 ports, as well as models with or without PoE support. All three switch models include two additional 10G SFP+ uplink ports. Despite their small size, these switches provide silent operation on any desktop thanks to their fanless or smart fan cooling technology. They also support the NebulaFlex cloud management platform and come equipped with a variety of features for optimal performance.

With Wi-F7 7 capable of achieving over 2500Mbps throughput with the 6GHz band and 320Mhz channel width, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to invest in multi-gig POE.

Delivering Multi-Gigabit Performance

Zyxel XMG1915

With the rise of remote and hybrid working, bandwidth-hungry applications like video calls and cloud collaboration tools have become commonplace. This puts pressure on local area networks, requiring increased throughput capabilities. The XMG1915 series helps meet these demands with 2.5G Multi-Gigabit Ethernet across all ports.

“For small businesses and prosumers, changing work patterns and the increased bandwidth demands of modern applications are a significant challenge,” said Mr Kell Lin, Senior Associate Vice President at Zyxel. “The XMG1915 series provides them with a fast, versatile and cost-effective solution.”

The switches also include 10G uplink ports and high-powered PoE++ options delivering up to 60W per port. This combination of speed and power in a compact form factor aims to provide seamless connectivity for the latest networking gear.

Designed for Today’s Connected Workspaces

With Wi-Fi 6 wireless and connected IoT devices now prevalent, modern networks require more than just speed. The XMG1915 series provides PoE++ power budgets up to 180W to accommodate power-hungry access points, IP cameras and other devices.

The switches also retain support for Cat 5 cabling, enabling small businesses to upgrade without the cost of re-cabling. Their space-saving designs allow easy deployment in confined areas like desks and cabinets.

Cool, Quiet Operation

Despite their small size, the new switches implement robust heat dissipation. The 8-port models are entirely fanless, while the 16-port version uses an ultra-quiet fan. This allows silent running without excessive energy use – important considerations for small workspaces.

Easy Cloud-Based Management

The XMG1915 series supports Zyxel’s Nebula cloud management platform for simple deployment and remote monitoring. Switches can be pre-configured via Nebula and installed with automatic onboarding.

Nebula also enables managing, monitoring and troubleshooting the network from anywhere. Users can reboot connected devices remotely, resolve issues without visiting the site, and view an up-to-date network health dashboard.

For those wanting on-premises management, the switches also have a standalone web interface. But cloud capabilities make managing multi-site networks far easier at this scale.

Meeting the Needs of Modern SMBs

Small businesses have very different network requirements to large enterprises. They need enterprise-grade capabilities but without high complexity and cost. Zyxel’s latest switches aim to address these needs with a compelling blend of performance, power and intelligent cloud management.

The launch of the XMG1915 series comes as small businesses adapt to new hybrid working trends. Many SMB owners are now equipping home workspaces in addition to updating their office networks. With features tailored specifically for this market, Zyxel’s new switches could help them transition smoothly to this new normal.

Price and Availability

Zyxel hasn’t officially announced the price or availability yet, but the products are listed on various sites.

Baillicom lists the Zyxel XMG1915 10EP with 8×2.5GbE, 2 SFP+, 8 x PoE++ 130W for £ 288.90 inc VAT/

LambdaTek has the non-POE Zyxel XMG1915-10E listed at £230.

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