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XGIMI, the award-winning projector brand, unveiled several new and updated technologies at CES 2024 this week, headlined by the IMAX Enhanced certified HORIZON Max projector and the 3-in-1 Aladdin smart ceiling lamp and speaker which won a CES Innovation Award.

The new tech builds on XGIMI’s existing Intelligent Screen Adaptation (ISA) and Dual Light systems and aims to bring an even more cinematic and convenient home theater experience through enhanced automation, brightness, contrast and color accuracy.

IMAX Signature Picture and Sound Coming Home

The HORIZON Max, set to launch later this year, will be the world’s first long throw projector to carry IMAX’s exclusive IMAX Enhanced certification for home theater projectors. This brings the gold standard picture quality and powerful signature sound previously only found in commercial IMAX theaters into the living room.

“With the HORIZON Max, we’re reshaping home entertainment, delivering a cinematic experience previously reserved for high-end projectors,” said XGIMI CEO Apollo Zhong.

To achieve the certification and match IMAX’s strict performance requirements, XGIMI has incorporated updated versions of their ISA and Dual Light technologies into the HORIZON Max.

Next Level Automation with ISA 5.0

The new ISA 5.0 (Intelligent Screen Adaptation) introduces more advanced automation through new hardware like an automated gimbal and 3D ToF sensors. This allows the projector to instantly detect its surroundings and automatically adjust its position, settings and focus to optimize the picture for any wall in the room.

This brings an unprecedented level of flexibility, allowing users to enjoy gaming, movies and more without any manual adjustments as they move the projector around.

Dual Light 2.0 Boosts Brightness and Accuracy

Also powering the IMAX Enhanced certification is XGIMI’s proprietary Dual Light system, now updated to version 2.0. It combines lasers and LEDs to produce both a wider colour gamut through pure lasers, along with heightened brightness from the LEDs to compensate for any colour weak spots from the lasers.

XGIMI claims Dual Light 2.0 in the HORIZON Max allows it to produce an ultra-bright 3,100 lumens along with Rec. 2020 colour and a 2,000:1 contrast ratio – a 35% brightness boost over the HORIZON Ultra.

Aladdin Brings Projection to the Ceiling

In addition to the HORIZON Max, XGIMI showcased the unique Aladdin 3-in-1 smart ceiling lamp, projector and speaker which won an Innovation Award at CES 2024. Launching first in Japan this June, Aladdin blends into any living space by installing into a standard light fixture.

From there, it can project a 100-inch picture in a short throw from the ceiling without sacrificing floor space. It also features integrated Harman Kardon speakers and smart features like interactive storybooks for kids.

More Launching Across 2024 Lineup

XGIMI says it will bring iterations of the new ISA 5.0 and Dual Light 2.0 technologies to more products launching across its 2024 home and portable projector lineup.

It also highlighted a new partnership with MediaTek to develop smart projection solutions integrated with Google TV in the works for this year.

Attendees at CES 2024 could see demos of the new tech along with the HORIZON Max and Aladdin first-hand at XGIMI’s booth in Central Hall.

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