What is a VPN? and what are some benefits of using a VPN?

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A VPN is an amazing tool that keeps you safe while using the internet. It will provide you protection from malware, hackers, and other scams while you are online. You can protect your identity and browsing history from advertisers, hackers, and also from government surveillance. With these tools, you can enjoy your favorite websites free from any restrictions. It may seem complicated, but it is extremely user-friendly. You do not need any skills to use it. 

I often use the internet for using social media and for other work purposes, and I am very conscious of my online security and privacy. That is the reason I do not use the internet without a VPN. Here is the complete guide to using VPN for ensuring your online security, even if you are a beginner you can follow these instructions and tips to get started:

How does a VPN work?

Browsing the internet without using a VPN is just like inviting people to watch what you are doing. Anyone can look at what you are searching for. Maybe it does not bother you if hackers are watching what you are watching, but when we talk about personal information, it is better to be careful than sorry. Here comes VPN to help you, as it uses encryption. When you send your data while using a VPN, the only receiver can see it. If a hacker tries to read your personal information, he just sees complicated encrypted information. VPN also hides your IP address so the receiver also cannot know who sent data. Here is an overview; how does VPN work:

  • Once you installed a secure VPN application, you need to launch it. After launching the application, connect it with the server you prefer.
  • Once you start browsing the internet, all of your data will be encrypted before you transmit it. Even your ISP cannot see it.
  • The encrypted data is transferred to the VPN server you choose to connect.
  • VPN server, you choose to transmit your encrypted data to the site you want to visit. Whether it is a social network, streaming site, online banking service, or anything else, it does not matter; you are safe.

This means that the website you want to access thinks that traffic is coming from a VPN server. Your IP address is not visible to them. Moreover, they also cannot access your identification information or location. It sees the IP address of the VPN server, and your data is safe from hackers.

Features of a good VPN

  • It should not slow down the internet connection
  • Security protocols should be of high quality.
  • Privacy policies should be trustworthy.
  • It should have the ability to access global content.
  • It should allow several connections and compatible with all the devices you have.
  • There should be reliable customer support services.
  • It should worth spending money.

What are some benefits of using a VPN?

Now you know about VPN and its working method. Here is how VPN can prove beneficial for you and can save you from serious troubles:

Access amazon prime video, Netflix and much more

Some entertainment services are only available in particular areas, and you can not access if you do not live there. Most of the entertainment sites like Netflix, Hulu, etc. will restrict their content to some specific countries. With a VPN, you do not have to face such issues. VPN can bypass any hindrance and let you access your favorite streaming sites.

Not all VPNs are good at this. These streaming sites can detect if someone is using a VPN for accessing the content. So they block you from accessing that content restricted in your area. So you have to choose a quality VPN for this purpose.

Play games restricted to access in your area

Some online games are blocked in some countries. If your country is one of them, you cannot play that online game. Here also VPN proves helpful for you. You can change your location using a VPN and can enjoy the game whenever you want wherever you want.

Browse torrent sites safely

Using torrent sites to access your favorite content is a bit risky. There is no surety that the file you download is 100% safe. Moreover, you may also face trouble if you torrent something you should not. VPN can save you from these troubles. There are several quality VPNs for secure torrenting.

Security of your privacy

Most of the time, people send their bank details to their friends online. In that case, using public Wi-Fi or hotspot can prove dangerous for you.  Good VPN uses advanced encryption for having your data from hackers. It will try to keep you anonymous, and they won't be able to trace your device.

Improves internet speed

At times ISP may slow down the internet connection. It is because either it has detected you using torrenting or you have reached over your data limit. Your whole activity remains private with a VPN. It cannot throttle the bandwidths so you can enjoy fast speed internet.

Some disadvantages of using VPN

Nothing is perfect; everything has flaws, so VPN also comes up with some disadvantages which re as follows:

  • It may slow down your internet connection because data has to be encrypted.
  • Some times are good at detecting VPNs, so for these sites, it may not work if VPN is not of the best quality.
  • Best VPNs are paid. Although Free VPNs are also available, there are some risks.
  • With cheap VPNs or Free VPNs, there is always a risk that they are storing data, so make sure to read the privacy policy before you use one.
  • In some countries use of VPNs is illegal
  • VPN cannot be downloaded on every device.


Using a VPN is safe for internet browsing, but it also comes up with some disadvantages. So be careful while using not only the internet but also while choosing a VPN. A good quality VPN can save you from several troubles. So choose wisely and be safe.

This guide is based on the complete guide from wizcase.com.