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Wahoo is being quite proactive about developing the Wahoo X platform (more so than Zwift). They still have a long way to go, I think they really need to fold RGT and SYSTM into one platform, but I imagine this will take quite a bit of time.

The latest announcement is for both SYSTM and RGT.


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Outdoor workout that has been smoothed out

For SYSTM, Wahoo has announced features that are already live. It is now integrated with the ELEMNT range of GPS bike computers. For the first time, riders can now sync their workouts with their Wahoo X subscription, allowing them access to structured workouts outside. This creates the ultimate choice for athletes on where they workout; inside or outside. Structured workouts will be synced directly to the user’s ELEMNT bike computer via this integration, providing an opportunity to experience Wahoo’s Sports Science backed training methodology outdoors.

SYSTM also continues to grow its extensive library of workouts and videos with the launch of new, immersive training content. This includes the recent release of “On Location Portugal,” which adds to the popular On Location series. SYSTM boasts an extremely comprehensive list of workouts, to motivate and help athletes further their fitness goals. There are now over 700 workouts available on SYSTM, including  cycling, yoga, strength & mobility, running,  swimming, and mental training. This makes Wahoo X a very cost-effective training platform for endurance athletes.

Wahoo RGT

Wahoo RGT gets some much-needed love. I have been using this during my review process of the Wahoo X subscription. It is a superb virtual cycling app, but whenever I use it, it is woefully low on rider numbers. I think deeper integration with Wahoo X/SYSTM would help significantly increase these numbers.

RGT is launching a new Voice Chat feature – further enhancing its immersive virtual riding experience. Riders will have the option for voice chat ‘in app’, with other riders. This feature has multiple uses from social chat when on group rides, through to race radio in the increasingly popular RGT virtual races. Voice chat connects users in a brand new way during indoor virtual rides.

Wahoo X is also launching the ‘Dunoon Crossover’ on RGT – a brand new gravel ‘Real Road’, based on a new high profile cycling destination, soon to open in Scotland. This innovative new Real Road becomes the first realistic gravel and MTB experience in the virtual riding category. Single track off road sections and resistance changes based on the ride surface, bring a whole new experience to virtual riding and racing – riders must now time their sprints and overtakes. This takes the ‘Real Road’ library to thirteen (13), which include iconic cycling regions in Belgium, Italy, France, the UK and the USA. Wahoo have also recently improved and enhanced the ‘Magic Road’ feature – which gives unlimited ride possibilities, allowing members to upload their own routes via a GPX file and ride, share and create events on them.

Wahoo X Price

Wahoo only costs $14.99, that’s the same price as the popular Zwift, but with this, you get two separate apps.

I think this makes it quite good value for money compared to Zwift. The structured training of SYSTM is far superior to Zwift, and then you have the bonus of RGT.

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