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Nobody like to find themselves in the rain unprepared and without an umbrella. The best weather apps for iOS will tell you the weather forecast in no time so that you are adequately prepared for the day.

For most people, weather apps are basic yet most used apps on their iOS devices. Some of the best weather apps range from the free to the paid app options. Third-party apps tend to provide comprehensive weather forecast information as well as other useful data including radar imagery.

Apple Weather App

Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch have the stock Weather app pre-installed from the factory. When you turn on Location Services, the app automatically displays the weather in your current location. It’s a basic app that provides a clean and minimal design.

The Weather app displays sunset times, UV index, air quality, and the weather forecast for the next few days. You can even change the location on the Weather app to know the weather forecast in your holiday destination.

The biggest advantage is that the Weather App is it’s already integrated with iOS and you will already have it on your device upon purchase. Learn how to delete weather location on iPhone if you prefer the more comprehensive weather apps.



AccuWeather is a full-featured weather app that offers a modern, clean interface. Accuweather app is one of the most accurate weather forecasting service to date offering minute-by-minute weather forecast data. The app is available on both iOS and Android and is a complete joy to browse for weather forecasts and updates.

On the Today Tab, you will get all the information you need to know such as temperature, rain, humidity, and many more in a simple yet attractive way. The AccuWeather app provides other useful details such as sunrise/sunset times, air quality, hurricane tracker, allergy data, and radar imaging. An outstanding feature of the app is the live radar that tracks ice and snowfall, storms, clouds, and temperature changes.

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather

The Carrot Weather app has been hailed as having a good dose of humor, sarcasm and personality. You get weather forecasts with a wit with the opportunity to change from professional to more sarcastic rated as overkill and homicidal. Other customization options include getting political and even the use of profanity when getting weather updates.

Carrot Weather is an award-winning app that pulls data from Dark Sky ensuring that you get accurate weather reports right down to up-to-the-minute forecasts. There are widget options for iOS and Apple Watch as well as premium features availed upon subscription.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

One prominent feature that make Yahoo Weather one of the best weather apps is the beautiful interface. Set up different weather pages for multiple locations and swipe between them to get weather updates. Each location page will display on a beautiful full-screen that makes it fun to use. The updates are provided based on weather condition and time of day – get hourly updates up to 10-day forecasts. Swipe to see air quality, pollen count, wind, precipitation, radar imagery, and even coronavirus data.

Yahoo Weather has in app games that allow users to unlock weather-related achievements and kill time. Some games will set up missions to find locations on a world map. The app is highly interactive with options to add an augmented reality mode that will overlay weather forecast on a view of the world around you.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky

Caveat: This isn’t on the Apple store anymore after being acquired by Apple. The service will continue to work until March 31, 2023.

Dark Sky is the best app for global weather updates. You get to receive and see precise weather updates for locations around the world. The app uses color shading to offer an easy way to reference weather on the go without having to read anything.

Color shading is used to relay weather conditions with a light gray background indicating a sunny sky. A blue background will indicate coming rains. Arrows will point to the direction wind is blowing. These references will help in shaping your plans for the day and even the week.

The family sharing option allows you to share the app with your family members. The paid app is available in the US, the UK and Ireland and has been recently purchased by App.

The Weather Channel App

The list will not be complete without the free but ad-supported Weather Channel app. The iOS app is an extension of the Weather Channel that has over time been used to provide reliable weather reporting.

The app provides user-friendly, easy-to-digest weather updates including hourly updates, daily updates, and up to 15-day weather forecasts. You will know weather conditions coming your way including information on sunsets, moon phases, snow-intensity, tides, pollen, and air quality.

The Running Index offers runners useful information by weighing running condition and alerting you to best time to go for a run/jog.

In conclusion, the choice of the best weather app will depend on how you plan to use it. Some users will prefer the professional appeal of Weather Channel app while other users will go for the humor of the Carrot Weather app.

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