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TerraMaster, a leading manufacturer of network attached storage (NAS) devices, has announced the launch of TerraSync – a new data backup and synchronisation solution designed for home and business users.

TerraSync allows users to turn their TerraMaster NAS into a private cloud server to achieve seamless file synchronisation between multiple devices. It comes with a desktop app called TerraSync Client that connects to the NAS to handle all data transfers.

Key Features

Some of the key features of TerraSync include:

  • Three synchronisation strategies – two-way, one-way download, one-way upload
  • On-demand file downloading to save bandwidth and storage
  • File versioning, recovery, and protection against accidental deletion
  • Availability on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android coming soon

Synchronisation Strategies

TerraSync Synchronization2

TerraSync offers users three main synchronisation strategies to choose from based on their needs:

Two-way sync – Ensures consistent data between server and clients. Any file changes on either device are automatically synced in real-time.

One-way download – Updates clients whenever files change on the server but not vice versa. Useful for downloading data to multiple devices.

One-way upload – Allows clients to update server with their changes without overwriting server data. Helpful for aggregating data from multiple points.

Smart Data Handling

TerraSync Data Safety2

TerraSync uses on-demand downloading so users don’t have to store all server data locally. Files are only transferred when accessed, saving storage space and bandwidth.

It also provides features like versioning, recovery of deleted files, and timeline view of changes – adding an extra layer of protection and auditability to your data.

Wide Compatibility

TerraSync PC Desktop2

The TerraSync Windows client is already integrated into the TerraMaster NAS desktop app. Native Mac, iOS and Android apps are slated for release soon for access from more devices.

TerraSync offers an easy way for TerraMaster NAS owners to implement a private cloud solution for automated data backup, sharing and synchronisation across devices. Its multiple protective measures and restoration capabilities also make it a reliable disaster recovery tool.

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