Huwder A2002 150W PD Charger Review – A bargain power delivery charger with up to 100W on a single USB-C port

Huwder is not a company I have heard of before, and they don’t have any presence on Amazon UK. I was a little bit sceptical of their attractively priced and very high spec USB chargers when they approached me for a review. I was, therefore, left pleasantly surprised when this turned out to be a … Read more

Chargeasap Omega 200W GaN USB-C Power Delivery Charger Review– Dual 100W USB-C ports plus dual USB-A Quick Charge 3 ports

Chargers tend to be quite boring products with not much to say about them. However, I love multi-port power delivery chargers, giving me an option to charge all my devices, including laptops all from one plug. I have reviewed GAN chargers before, they are fantastic offering ultraportable dimensions but with high power outputs up to … Read more

RAVPower 61W Power Delivery GaN charger Review – Is this the best MacBook Pro charger?

This will be a short review, as there is not much to say about a charger. I am a big fan of power delivery USB-C products, they make life so much easier. With the increasingly widespread adoption of USB-C and power delivery, we are finally starting to see a universal charging solution for our devices. … Read more

The Best Power Deliver Power Banks on Amazon – Portable charges for your laptop, iPad and other tablets.

Crave PowerPack 2 50000 mAh power delivery power bank

Power banks have been a mainstay for mobile users for years, allowing us to go out for the day without worrying about our phones dying on us. They come in all shapes and sizes including ultra-portable 5000mAh options like the Anker Astro, 20,000 mAh options which are not pocket-friendly but can keep a couple of … Read more

Crave PowerPack 2 50000 mAh power bank with 60W power delivery Review – An absolute unit making this a fantastic but niche powerbank

Crave PowerPack 2 50000 mAh power delivery power bank

I haven’t done many powerbank reviews recently, because once you do one, all the others are the same. I can’t think of any that have been bad, so as long as it meets your specs and is well priced, you should be fine. 20,000 mAh battery packs are ubiquitous, and it is my goto size … Read more

Anker PowerPort Atom Review – A tiny 30W USB-C power delivery plug

Another day, another Anker review. This time in the form of the Anker PowerPort Atom which is a petite single port USB-C charger capable of 30W with power delivery. While there is not a great deal to write about this in terms of features or functionality, it is a remarkably handy little plug. The power … Read more

Anker PowerCore Speed 20100 mAh Powerbank with Power Delivery Review

We all know the benefits of powerbanks now, and I have reviewed plenty of them in the past in multiple sizes from small to massive and across brands. Powerbanks are amazing for keeping your phone going for periods away from a plug socket, but with the development of Power Delivery over USB-C we now have an … Read more

Review: Inateck 3 Port 45W USB C Charger & 60W Power Delivery Charger (compatible with MacBooks, Dell XPS etc)

Proprietary charging cables became a thing of the past on phones with the introduction of mini USB well over a decade ago (if we ignore iPhones). However, in the laptop world this has not been the case, even today the power ports vary all the time, often the same company will use different plugs dependant … Read more