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This will be a short review, as there is not much to say about a charger. I am a big fan of power delivery USB-C products, they make life so much easier. With the increasingly widespread adoption of USB-C and power delivery, we are finally starting to see a universal charging solution for our devices.

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  • Compact Size & Superior Performance: GaN tech & PI chipset make the charger 50% smaller than a standard 61W MacBook charger, slim enough to carry anywhere. The components will keep cool, reduce power wastage & Maximize charging efficiency to over 93% based on the tech advantage.
  • High Efficiency USB C wall Charger: 61W output, high up to Charge your 13” MacBook Pro to 100% in just 1.8 hours, to charge iPhones 2 hours faster than industry standard. Attention please: C to C Cable is necessary when quick charge. USB adapter will not be able to trigger the PD protocol.
  • Friendly to various PD devices: The RAVPowe 61W wall charger match a variety of PD devices from smart phones to laptops, one for all and making charging simple. The 100% compatible charger make your business trip or vacation convenient and free of hassles.
  • Dependable protection: With built-in safeguards to protect against overcharging, overheating & short circuiting. Continuous high-power output will have a temperature rise, but they are all within the safety limits of standard certification.


The one issue we face is that different devices require different power. Not an issue if you use the supplied one from your device, but third-party options sometimes require consideration.

The RAVPower 61W Power Delivery GaN charger is the most powerful charger I have reviewed to date and it is one of the smallest.

Ravpower review

The 61W charger should be more than enough to power any devices that use a USB-C port, this includes the 13” MacBook Pro which is can do in just 1.8 hours.

It is the size of this that’s the selling point, if you travel a lot, keeping things as small and light as possible can help tremendously, and this is the smallest plug I have ever used with this power delivery rating.

In comparison, I have reviewed the excellent Anker PowerPort III Mini before, which is about the same physical size, but provides just 30W of charge.

Looking at Amazon, the closest product Anker has is the PowerPort Atom III which has dimensions of 8.4 x 6.4 x 4.8 cm and weighs 118 g. In comparison, this is 4.8cm at its longest and 3cm at its shortest.

Price and Competition

The petite nature of this comes at a price, it is £39.99. Back in the day of proprietary chargers, that would be cheap, but it is quite a lot for a plug nowadays.

As far as competition goes, nothing really competes with it when you factor in the size.

If you don’t mind something physically bigger a few options are available


While this is not cheap there is not really anything that can compete with the RAVPower in terms of size and power rating. It is also considerably cheaper than the official product form Apple, which is also physically much larger.

RAVPower are a reputable brand too, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about charging a £1500 MacBook with it.

Overall, this is well worth considering if you have a 13-inch MacBook Pro or any other laptop with relatively high power demands that can accept a charge over USB-C.

RAVPowe 61W PD GaN USB C wall charger Review Rating


A tiny charger that is just as powerful as the official 61W Apple charger but £20 cheaper and a fraction of the size.

  • Overall - 85%

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