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Radbot Review – Smart radiator valves without the cost of an expensive hub

I am a big fan of smart heating products, in particular, I love the zoned heating that Genius Hub offers, however it can get a bit pricey, with their 8x radiator kit costing £674.99 plus you have to replace the boiler controller which often requires expert help. While I am a fully-fledged tech geek and happy controlling my home from my phone, others would perhaps prefer something a little less techy while at the same time introducing some smarts to their home heating with the hope of saving some money. This is where Radbot comes in, in a world...

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A Q&A for Smart Home Week which aims to raise smart home awareness from 21st – 27th May 2018

Smart Home Week is a collaborative effort by the leading brands in smart home technology to raise awareness and educate consumers about benefits and opportunities of living in a smart, connected way. It is in its second year and this year will take place from 21st – 27th May, it is backed by many of the leading brands in the industry including Amazon, Yale, Samsung Smart Things, Philips Hue, Tado, and Ring. I recently attended a Q&A on the run-up to the week and was able to get some information directly from the brands taking part. As I have...

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Home Automation Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Thanks to Amazon Echo devices and Google Home the home automation trend has boomed this year. So, what are the best gifts to get for the people wanting to get into home automation? Smart Assistant / Speakers The first obvious choice is a smart speaker/assistant with the following options: Amazon Echo 3 main options for different budgets, the Dot is excellent for anyone just wanting to access Alexa; it will allow you plug into an existing speaker so the end result can be cheaper and better sounding. The Echo generation 2 is a good price at £69.99, but sound...

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Top 10 Best Home Automation Systems of 2018

Home automation systems allow homeowners better control over their environments and more idea of what types of energy they are using and why. Home automation systems as a whole are designed to take some of the strain from homeowners – instead of worrying about whether or not they have locked their doors or left their lights on, they can simply send a signal to their home systems, and everything will be done for them. Home automation is now more than simply a guide to electric linear actuators. Home automation is something which began with the basics of linear actuators,...

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Smart Homes: The future of the smart home and consumer opinion.

Recently, Barclays undertook a piece of research to identify attitudes toward smart home technology across the UK. This research has been carried out twice in the past two years showing how public opinion towards smart homes has changed over the past 2 years. The 2015 survey consisted of 4,370 adults and the 2017 survey was carried out with 2108 adults, and it has some surprising results. In recent years companies have been heavily pushing smart technology. pushing smart technology heavily. Smart speakers and smart thermostats feature heavily on TV adverts, online advertising, and printed media. Mikko Hypponen, of F-Secure,...

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Genius Home Review : Smart Home Heating (Heat Genius Revision 3 2017) Score 90%

Genius Home Review : Smart Home Heating (Heat Genius Revision 3 2017)

At the start of this year, I reviewed the Heat Genius smart central heating system, and I loved it. At the time, it offered the best control for heating your entire house than any other product on the market due to the integration of smart radiator valves. It did have its quirks, though. The app was ugly and complex in comparison to big names companies likes Nest and Hive. Since then the competition has upped the ante. In particular, Tado has introduced smart radiator valves to their range making them much more competitive regarding features. There are also several...

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Devolo Home Control Review – Home Automation Score 78%

Devolo Home Control Review – Home Automation

A lot of the home automation gadgets I have reviewed are relatively closed systems offering specific functionality, and they are great. But one area I have always wanted to review is a Z-Wave home control system. Z-Wave is a wireless networking system for home automation devices; several big companies use this standard in the smart home technology, the most notable being Samsung SmarthThings and Heat Genius. The Devolo Home Control (and other smart home systems like SmartThings & Fibaro) differ from other smart home tech like Heat Genius and Tado, by offering control of dozens of devices to carry...

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Heat Genius Rebrands to Genius Home with Launch of updated products and App

Heat Genius/Genius Home may not be the biggest name in smart home heating but in my opinion, last year was that it was the best one on the market currently. What made it stand out from the rest of the competition was the smart thermostats allowing you to assign heating schedules for specific rooms, rather than just the whole house. It wasn’t without its downsides, though. The App interface was ugly and a bit confusing. Some of the hardware looked a bit clunky compared to its competitors too. The company seems to have taken these criticisms on board and...

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Energenie MiHome Smart Home Automation Review Score 85%

Energenie MiHome Smart Home Automation Review

Energenie were an unknown brand for me until a few days ago, but they are a relatively small company offering lighting and electrical based products. Their main range, and what I am reviewing today, is the Mi|Home home automation range of products. Similar to other home automation solutions Mi|Home requires a hub that connects to all the other smart devices on the network. In this case, it is quite a small affordable device priced at just £69.99, it is powered by microUSB and connects to the network via ethernet. With the hub in place you can use it to...

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Heat Genius Review Part 2 Score 86%

Heat Genius Review Part 2

** As soon as I posted this blog, Heat Genius email about their new App. Apparently, the new app (v4.0.0) should appear on your devices in the next couple of days. Some more info can is here ** My first post about Heat Genius was supposed to be an initial impression, but it went on for quite a bit, and generally turned out to be more of a full review, minus a few bits. So this blog posts is to cover the areas that I missed last time and to discuss how I have been getting on with Heat Genius since...

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Heat Genius – Initial Impressions / Review

** Update – Heat Genius have been in touch regarding the new App, more info at the bottom of this post ** Heat Genius are a well-established but comparatively small smart heating company based in the UK. Founded by a couple of UK businessmen it is very much a home grown product. In order to differentiate themselves from their massive competitors such as Nest and Hive, they opted to focus on not just on making the boiler smart, but zoning the whole house using smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs). This zoning approach is a much more logical solution for...

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