The best indoor spin bikes and exercise bikes on Amazon that are in-stock for Christmas delivery

[Updated 12-12-2021] With Christmas approaching, inevitable healthy New Year’s resolutions and Omicron on the rise people, many people may be looking for effective ways of working out at home. I originally wrote this post last year, when fitness-related equipment was hard to come by. Stock is readily available, currently, but I wouldn’t be surprised if … Read more

Withings ScanWatch Hybrid Smartwatch Announced: ECG & sleep breathing disturbance detection in a smart classic style, but with a premium price

I quite like the way Withings have just gone their own direction when it comes to wearables. Most smart/fitness watch brands sync as Fitbit and Honor/Huawei have gone down the road of as much functionality as possible without committing to a full OS like WearOS. These watches are good, but they tend to end up … Read more

Withings BPM Connect Review – Keep track of your blood pressure trend

Following on from my review of the excellent Withings Body Cardio scales, I have also been reviewing the Withings BPM Connect. Covid-19 With the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been identified that people overweight are more at risk from the infection. This has led the Government to start a new campaign to help the nation lose … Read more

Withings Body Cardio Smart Scales Review – A vital tool for weight loss with the added benefit of monitoring your heart health

With the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people seems to have gone one of two ways. Many people have used the lockdown period to take up exercise and start eating healthier (helped by a lack of access to restaurants and pubs). Many others have gained weight and often drunk a lot more than they should … Read more

The Best Pedestal Fans on Amazon – Low noise Cooling fans ideal for sleeping & working at home

With us all at home, likely for another couple more months at least, and the weather hotting up, demand for fans will likely be hotting up (sorry). If you just want a fan to cool you down during the day either in a hot office or while working from home, you can choose almost any … Read more

How is COVID-19 impacting internet traffic and user’s behaviour on network usage?

Coronavirus disease, a novel virus abbreviated as COVID-19 boomed this year and changed the way people used to live and work. Since then, people are relying on the Internet to connect with their loved ones, watch high-definition (HD) videos, play games online amid lockdown. Businesses too are adapting to remote working without bringing their critical … Read more

F(x)tec Thermo1 – the contactless temperature scanner combating covid-19

London based smartphone brand, F(x)tec is bringing to market its own contactless facial recognition thermometer, to help businesses reduce the spread of Covid-19 and restore confidence amongst employees and customers as UK lockdown measures ease.  With a fever being the most common symptom of coronavirus, temperature screening will play a vital role in safeguarding work … Read more

PhiGolf World Golf Tour (WGT) Edition 2019 Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator Review

I originally did this review before Christmas and found the Phigolf to be an excellent present back then. Times have changed dramatically since then and I have noticed an increased demand for the simulator. With many of us looking to find ways to entertain ourselves, maintain mental health and have a little normality in life, … Read more

Remote Management Software for Working at Home & TeamViewer Alternatives

With most of us working from home, we are quickly having to adapt to our new work environment. One problem with social distancing is when you need to access a computer that is not at your home, this may be the office server or when you are providing support to other users. It doesn’t have … Read more

Technology to monitor your health and fitness during social isolation lockdown

Thankfully we are still allowed outside during our lockdown; the same can’t be said over in India with 1.3 Billion people not allowed to leave their house in complete lockdown. I have been trying to make the most of the time we are allowed outside, walking, cycling and running by myself keeping a wide berth … Read more

The best routers for mobile data using LTE/4G or 5G for working at home without broadband – ADSL / VDSL alternatives

With most of us either working from home or furloughed until further notice due to Covid-19, we now have a massively increased demand for fast broadband. If the government hadn’t dragged its feet for years over fibre rollouts, we could all be working from home as seamlessly as possible right now. Sadly that is not … Read more

Affordable Laptops & Desktop Buying Guide for Working at Home During the Covid Pandemic

With many people facing the prospect of working from home in the coming weeks, a lot of us will be trying to put together a home office. Larger companies will no doubt provide the hardware, but small business owners will be facing some unwanted and very much unneeded costs at this time. Peripherals I will … Read more

How to stay fit when self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic

Unfortunately, it would seem like this Covid-19 virus is not going away any time soon and we will likely be in this for the long haul with increasing restrictions on our ability to do anything in public. Things are going to get very difficult for a lot of us, and if reduced social contact, self-isolation, … Read more