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SwitchBot has announced the launch of its latest product, the SwitchBot Mini Robot Vacuum K10+ (K10+). The pint-sized vacuum first debuted on the Japanese crowdfunding platform Makuake earlier this year, where it quickly became a top-selling robot vacuum.

A Mini Vacuum with Max Cleaning Power

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At half the size of traditional robot vacuums, the K10+ stands out for its compact yet powerful cleaning abilities. Its small stature allows it to easily navigate into hard-to-reach spots like under furniture and in corners. SwitchBot claims the K10+ can cover up to 90% more area compared to standard robot vacuums.

The K10+ comes equipped with advanced navigation technology using SLAM mapping. This allows the vacuum to methodically chart cleaning routes and ensure full coverage of rooms.

Ultra-Quiet Cleaning

SwitchBot designed the K10+ using their proprietary SilenTechTM technology to significantly reduce operational noise. At less than 50dB, the K10+ runs 50% quieter than the average robot vac, making it ideal for peaceful home environments.

Large Dust Bin for Extended Cleaning

The K10+ automatically empties its dust bin into the base station after finishing a cleaning cycle. The large 4L dust bag only needs replacing every 70 days on average.

SwitchBot also developed a smart auto-empty feature that listens for ambient noise. If no one is home, the base station will automatically empty the dust bin during the day to prevent noise disturbances.

Integrated Mopping Function

Along with vacuuming, the K10+ can also mop hard floors using disposable cleaning pads. The mop pads attach to the bottom and can be easily swapped out when dirty. This provides a freshly sanitized mop during every cleaning session.

Flagship Features


The K10+ comes fully loaded with high-end features you’d expect from a premium robot vacuum:

  • Adjustable suction power with four levels to handle any mess.
  • Rubber-bristle combo brush that cleans deep into crevices.
  • Cliff detection sensors to avoid falls down stairs.
  • Child lock functionality for safety.
  • Up to 120 sqm of cleaning per charge.
  • Scheduling options and remote start cleaning via app.
  • Automatic recharging and resumption of incomplete cleaning cycles.
  • Integration with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa.

Launch Discount

The SwitchBot K10+ retails for $499 in the US, but the company is offering an exclusive 20% discount for the launch period until November 27th. This brings the price down to $399 for a limited time.

The K10+ is available on SwitchBot’s website and Amazon store in the US, UK, and Europe. Links are provided below:

The compact yet powerful SwitchBot K10+ looks to be a game-changing addition to the robot vacuum space. Take advantage of the exclusive 20% discount and get yours today!

Robot Vacuum Comparison

Product nameSwitchBot K10+iRobot Roomba j7iRobot i3+Yeedi vac Station Robot Eufy G30 HybridRoborock S7iRobot Roomba 692
Product Dimensions248x248x92.5mm339x338x86.4mm338x336x92mm460x424x396mm325x325x72.9mm356x356x101.6mm340x340x89.9mm
Navigation and obstacle avoidanceLDS PrecisionVision NavigationRoom-by-room navigationVisual navigation technologyDynamic NavigationLidar NavigationADAPTIVE NAVIGATION
Edge-Sweeping Brush*2

Edge brush*2 for walls and corners and rubber brush*2

Side Brushes* 1+Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brush* 2

Brushroll +Side brushes

side brush*1

Full rubber main brush +Side brushes

a double brush: a brush head with bristles + a brush made of rubber lamellae
Disposable Mopping Pads

Washable Mopping Pads

Washable gray microfiber towel*1+white disposable wipes*5

Mop pad
Smart mapping and virtual boundariesYou have the ability to create maps and choose rooms; however, no-go zones cannot be designated within the app.
Real-time mapping
n/a✅Sonic mappingn/a
Cleaning cover rate90%n/a%n/a%n/a%n/a%n/a%n/a%
Cleaning coverage area120㎡120㎡n/a㎡n/a㎡n/a㎡n/a㎡n/a㎡
Suction Power2500Pa1700Pa1700Pa3000Pa2000Pa2500Pan/aPa
Noise48 dB(quiet mode)60dBRelatively high(from Amazon Reviews)n/adB<56dB67dB
Battery life3200 mAh;≥100 mins(Standard mode)75mins75mins200mins100mins180mins90mins
Auto empty
Empty Station Size4L(70 days)/Not specified, but the empty station only holds up to 60 days worth of cleanups.2.5L(60days)///
Voice controlGoogle Assistant|Alexa|Siri ShorcutAlexa|Siri ShorcutGoogle Assistant|AlexaGoogle Assistant|AlexaAlexa|Google AssistantGoogle Assistant|AlexaAlexa|Siri
Multi-floor mappingn/an/an/an/a
Quantity of Stored Maps10n/an/an/an/an/an/a
Camera monitor

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