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Sunglasses are not really the most gadgety of things to be reviewing, but with the weather recently (which seems to have passed) venturing outside has almost always required them.

I am not a massive sunglasses fan, mainly because I always forget to put them on or lose them. I am always tempted to get some Ray-Ban Wayfarers, but at £90+ it is a bit steep for me. SunGod Classics are a more affordable option with arguably better features.

Pricing starts at £45 and each pair is custom made, and then sent out the next day. By custom made, I mean they put together the various options you request. There are 3 variables with each pair, the front frame, the arms and the lens. The frames and arms have 15 colour options and a further 7 colours for the lenses with each colour having a polarised option. So the potential of colour choices is vast and far better than competing brands.

SunGod isn’t all about design choices either, they have focussed on build quality as well. The frames are actually a flexible matte plastic material. SunGods official specification states “Adventureproof® flexible frame material. High-tensile, durable and lightweight for all day wear”. In reality, they do seem both rugged and flexible, I didn’t dare bend mine as much as their demo video, but there is a decent amount of flex to them without being overly bendy, so they should easily survive you accidentally sitting on them or whatever.

The specifications of the lenses are:

  • 100% UVA + UVB protection exceeding EN 1836 (CE) and ANSI Z80.3 (FDA) standards.
  • SunGod 4KO® Polycarbonate lenses with impact resistance.
  • Triple-layer scratch resistant coating + anti-reflective inner lens coating.
  • Advanced polarised filter for enhanced optical clarity and precision (optional).

I will just have to take their word for it with most of that. I opted for the polarised filter and was glad I did, they seem to offer far better visibility than traditional types of lenses and are less annoying to wear (for me) for long periods of time.

All the glasses have interchangeable lenses too, which are priced at £20 or £35. So if you do damage your glasses, or just fancy a change this is also an option.

Lastly the glasses are covered by a lifetime guarantee which specifically states:

“SunGod Lifetime Guarantee applies to SunGod Classics² and covers the product in case of manufacturer’s defects and accidental breakage. If your SunGod Classics² break (or you break them), we will repair or replace them free of charge.”

The guarantee doesn’t cover lenses scratches though, but this is still an amazing level of guarantee from SunGod and makes the price of them easily justifiable.

The biggest downside I had with them was the packaging. They arrive in a rather flimsy cardboard box, and a microfiber cleaning pouch. However, at half the price of Ray Bans and a lifetime warranty this is somewhat forgivable.

You can buy SunGod sunglasses today directly from from £45 for the Classics or £50 for the aviator style Mavericks

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