Soundcore Launches Open Ear AeroFit Series Earbuds

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Soundcore, Anker’s audio brand, has announced the launch of its first open-ear earbuds – the AeroFit Pro and AeroFit. The new lineup promises unmatched comfort, exceptional audio quality, and situational awareness.

Key Features of the AeroFit Series

soundcore AeroFit Lifestyle Soft Pink4

Comfort-Focused Design

Both models feature a non-intrusive design with soft-touch coatings for gentle skin contact. They utilise 0.7mm thick aerospace-grade titanium wires to securely fit around the ear with an ergonomic hook shape.

The AeroFit Pro includes a detachable and adjustable neckband for extra security during active use. Meanwhile, the standard AeroFit offers an ultra-lightweight design for prolonged wear.

Impressive Audio Performance

The AeroFit Pro houses large 16.2mm drivers with titanium-coated domes for clear mids/highs and thumping bass aided by Soundcore’s BassUp technology. It also supports hi-res LDAC audio decoding and 360° spatial audio on Android.

The regular AeroFit has 14mm drivers with similar titanium domes. Both models use directional acoustic ports to improve sound quality and reduce leakage.

Transparency for Situational Awareness

As open-ear earbuds, the AeroFit series provides natural external sound transmission. This allows users to remain aware of ambient noises like traffic or conversations while enjoying audio.

Long Battery Life

The AeroFit offers 11 hours playback (42 hours with the case), while the Pro lasts 14 hours (46 with case). Just 10 minutes of charging provides around 4-5.5 extra hours.

AeroFit Pro – Flagship Model for Enhanced Performance

soundcore AeroFit Pro lifestyle Aqua Blue2

As the top-end model, the AeroFit Pro packs upgraded features to justify its $169.99 price tag.

Larger Audio Drivers

The Pro uses substantial 16.2mm titanium drivers – over 2mm larger than the AeroFit standard. Combined with advanced BassUp, this allows booming low-end performance.

Hi-Res Wireless Audio

Thanks to LDAC support, the AeroFit Pro can handle hi-res music streaming for Android users. This enables richer, more detailed sound compared to standard Bluetooth codecs.

soundcore AeroFit Pro Pop colors

Detachable Neckband

While both models provide a secure over-ear hook design, the Pro includes a detachable neckband for extra stability. This makes it ideal for sports and active lifestyles.

Enhanced Water Resistance Rating

With an IPX5 rating, the Pro offers improved water resistance over the IPX7-rated AeroFit. So you can wear them in light rain without worries.

Extra Battery Life

You get an additional 3 hours of playback time with the Pro compared to the standard AeroFit (14 hours vs. 11 hours). The charging case also holds more capacity – 46 hours total versus 42.

soundcore AeroFit Pop Colors

AeroFit – The Affordable Option

Priced at a cheaper $129.99, the regular AeroFit makes some compromises but still delivers compelling value.

Less Premium Build

While the Pro uses a detachable neckband and large 16.2mm drivers, the AeroFit offers a simpler build with smaller 14mm drivers. This helps drive down costs while maintaining strong performance.

Basic Bluetooth Connectivity

Unlike the Pro, there is no support for advanced LDAC hi-res streaming here. You get standard Bluetooth 5.3 without any codecs beyond SBC and AAC.

Lower Water Resistance Rating

With IPX7 water protection instead of IPX5, the standard AeroFit actually offers better waterproofing. So it’s a better choice for heavy sweating and wet weather.

Lighter-Weight Wearing Experience

Thanks to its pared-back design, the AeroFit delivers noticeably lighter long-term wearing comfort. But active users may still prefer the Pro’s enhanced stability.


The AeroFit Pro (£149.99 / $169.99) in Dynamic Black and White will be available, while other colours such as Aqua Blue and Electric Purple will be available for pre-sale in January 2024 respectively, on and

For Aerofit (£99.99/ $129.99), all colours (including black and white) will be available pre-sale  on and from February 2024

Soundcore AeroFit Pro vs Soundcore AeroFit Specification

Product Namesoundcore AeroFit Prosoundcore AeroFit
ColorsDynamic Black Frost White Aqua Blue Electric PurpleMidnight Black Calm White Cozy Blue Soft Pink
SGS Certified Material1. Superelastic Material
2. Aerospace Grade Titanium Alloy Material
1. Superelastic Material
2. Aerospace Grade Titanium Alloy Material
Spatial AudioSupportedNo
Microphone4 mies4 mies
DriverCustom 16.2mm dynamic driver with titanium coatedCustom 14mm dynamic driver with titanium coated
ControlPhysical ButtonsTouch Control
Fast ChargingSupported
10 mins = 5.5 hours
10 mins = 4 hours
Multi-Point ConnectionsSupportedSupported
Earbuds: 56.59*34.6*18.93mm I 2.23″ x 1.36″ x 0.75″
Charging case: 79.56*65.27*24.24mm I 3.13″ x 2.57″ x 0.95″
Earbuds: 45.83*39.22*16.04mm / 1.80″ x 1.54″ x 0.63″
Charging Case: 91.47*53.19*23.9mm / 3.60″ x 2.09″ x 0.94″
WeightEarbuds: 12.23g (0.43oz) Charging case: 64.28g (2.26oz) Total weight: 88.74g (3.13oz)Earbuds: 8.5g (0.29oz) Charging case: 47.6g (1.67oz) Total weight: 64.6g (2.27oz)
Bluetooth Range10m10m
Working Temperature-1o·c t 6o·c (14°F -140°F)-1o·c t 6o·c (14°F – 140°F)
Water Resistance LevelIPX5IPX7
Battery TypeLithium polymer batteryLithium polymer battery
Battery Capacity105mAh*2 (earbuds) 750mAh (charging case)85mAh*2 (earbuds) 750mAh (charging case)
Detachable NeckbandSupportedNo
Battery Life/Charging Case Battery Life14hrs for earbuds 46hrs with case11hrs for earbuds 42hrs with case

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