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The way in which the gambling industry has changed over the past few decades has been incredible to witness. No one would have imagined 30 years ago that rather than placing bets at your local betting shop, you would be able to do it all on the computer in your own home.

Then, the next stage was mobile betting, with people using the best betting offers on their mobile phones to place bets regardless of where they are. The key here was convenience to bet anywhere, in the past, you had to be in a fixed place to bet, either inside a betting shop or at home. Now, thanks to mobile betting, you no longer need to be.

We are now beginning to see the next step being taken by bookmakers as they look to take the sports betting industry to the next level. This is via the use of smartwatches to place bets, and when you look at gadget guides, you will see that smartwatches are becoming more popular within the gadget industry.

Smartwatch Gambling is Already Here

If you have a smartwatch yourself, or you are considering buying one in the near future then the good news is that smartwatch gambling is already here, you no longer need to wait for it. When the newest edition of the Apple Watch was released in April 2020, William Hill became the first bookmaker to aim to cash in on the release.

They updated their regular iOS app to ensure that it would work on the Apple Watch, meaning that William Hill became the first UK bookmaker to offer betting on a watch device. With the betting industry being so competitive, and everyone trying to match what others offer, don’t be surprised at all to see other bookmakers jump on this and ensure their apps can be used on smartwatches too.

This is generally how things move forward in the betting industry, one bookmaker will find and create an idea that works, then others will quickly jump on board and follow them. The best ideas then become something that all bookmakers take part in, and they become a key part of the betting industry. This really is the direction that smartwatch betting could find itself going in, and probably in a very short period of time.

For now, sports on the smartwatch are limited, with betting available for horse racing and football. The good news though is that big events such as the upcoming delayed Euro 2020 competition and the Grand National are events that you can bet on via a smartwatch.

This will be expanded in the very near future, especially as other bookmakers come on board and begin to offer the same kind of smartwatch service. That can only be good for punters though. As the competition kicks in, we are going to be given the best possible service and yet again, it seems as though another new betting advancement will be able to flourish.

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