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With the launch of the Realme X50, you have three phones all priced withing £80 of each other all offer superb value for money but with each option offering a different specification dependant on your needs

Realme X50 5G vs Realme 6 Pro

Realme 6 Pro Feature
Realme 6 Pro

This is perhaps the most interesting comparison, you have two phones from the same brand price the same but a very different specification.

In short, the Realme 6 Pro is sort of a premium mid-range phone, while the X50 is a budget 5G phone.

Critically the difference comes down to if you want the increased performance and connectivity speeds of the Snapdragon 765G or do you want the superior build quality and camera performance that the Realme 6 Pro has to offer but with lower performance from the Snapdragon 720G.

The main advantages of the Realme X50 5G are:

  • Realme X50 has a significantly better chipset
  • Realme X50 has 5G connectivity
  • Realme X50 has a faster refresh rate display

The main advantages of the Realeme 6 Pro

  • Super main camera running at 64MP with a larger sensor
  • A 12MP telephoto lens
  • A second 8MP ultrawide front-facing camera (X50 is just a depth sensor)
  • Superior build quality
  • Slightly larger battery

Realme 6

Realme6 review
Realme 6

As for the Realme 6 the main advantage of that is that it is £80 cheaper. But it is worth noting that it has the same 64MP 1/1.72″ sensor that the Pro has, it just drops the telephoto lens, and then also that 8MP ultrawide selfie lens.

The Mediatek Helio 90T actually performs better than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G in many benchmarks, and in my review of the phone, I felt like it was the more sensible buy.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 720G vs Mediatek Helio G90T

So how much better is the new 5G Snapdragon 765G? Because I am lazy, I have just updated the tables from previous benchmark comparisons, but this gives you a nice overview of the full range of affordable options from Realme.

Antutu Benchmark

Realme X50 - SD765G323286103663941516800757462
Realme 6 - Helio G90T29064497549810585554756490
Realme 6 Pro - SD720G282336104143708015227355119
Realme X2 - SD730G25831198328675744794544464
Realme 5 Pro - SD71221650173459618724201339157
Realme 6i20129973376416334519241098
Realme 5 SD66516786671157334893656826652

With an impressive score of 323286 that places the Realme X50 14.5% ahead of the Realme 6 Pro at the same price. However, it is only 11% ahead of the cheaper Realme 6.

Geekbench Benchmark

Single CoreMulti Core
Realme 6 Pro - SD720G5681643
Infinix Zero 205461790
Realme X2 - SD730G5461729
Realme 6 - Helio G90T5161650
Realme 6i Helio G803501304
Realme 5 Pro - SD7123211481
Realme 5 SD6653161363

In the CPU focussed Geekbench benchmark on the single core test the SD765G is 7.8% ahead of the SD720G and 18.6% ahead of the Helio G90T.

In multi core it is 15.6% and 15%

3D Mark Gaming Benchmark

Slingshot Extreme OpenGLVulkan
Realme X50 - SD765G41313873
Realme 6 Pro - SD720G25182332
Realme 6 - Helio G90t25372593

When it comes down to the gaming benchmark, the Snapdragon 765G flexes its muscles pulling ahead by 64% and 62% against the SD720G and Helio G90t in the Slingshot Extreme OpenGL test.

In the Vulkan test, the results are similarly impressive with a 66% and 49% gain.


If your preference is performance over camera quality, then the Realme X50 is shaping up to be phenomenal value for money. In particular, this phone looks like it will be particularly appealing for gamers offering close to flagship performance and a 120hz display for less than half the price of most flagships.

I had a few issues with the software when I first received the phone, the but one of the issues was an old firmware stopping benchmarking apps being installed. This is now obviously fixed.

Realme also has a security check application running on the phone, this seems to be a carryover from the Asian phones, and I hope it will be removed for the global variants. It is reasonably easy to remove, but you have to be will to use ADB and command line.

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