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Gaming computers have been around for quite some time now. Take Alienware, for example, which began in the mid-nineties, the result of two friends and their mutual love of all things aliens and all things gaming. What started as ideas between the two became a range of products, including some that have stood the test of time down to this day (I’m sure you have heard of Alienware Aurora).

After enjoying a very successful ten years, Alienware was taken over by Dell. This seemed strange at the time because Dell already had a gaming range so why take on another. However, it seems like it was a smart move. In fact, Dell was so invested in Alienware, they eventually cut back on their original gaming range to focus more on Alienware and to help it expand. And expand it did. Alienware has thrived and added more items to its brand, including monitors, laptops and all sorts of accessories. In this article, we will discuss some of the options available. You can also check out EuroPC who stock a range of gaming laptops, pcs and monitors across the brands in this article and more.

The Dell G series

Dell G Series Laptop

The what now? Ok, it doesn’t sound like it explains much but it is not as mysterious as you may think. The Dell G series is a result of the hugely successful Dell Inspiron Gaming series PC’s. Although still quite new, being only a few years old, it has a number of models to choose from and is proving to be a successful range. But why, oh why, did Dell choose to make a whole new range if their existing one was such a huge success? Because yet again, what seemed like a strange move to many, was actually a bit of very clever business thinking from the Dell camp. You see, Dell was not content just choosing one market group to appeal to. They wanted to appeal to people of all budgets. So, just as a car company usually have the same car but in a choice of basic models or more luxury models, Dell wanted to do the same with its gaming ranges. They wanted to be able to compete on all levels against any rivals in the gaming world. And speaking of rivals, I would say the biggest they face are likely Acer.

The Acer Predator series

Acer Predator Helios 500 2021 rtx308035105

If you haven’t heard of Acer Predator (which is impossible if you are already in the world of gaming), then you will surely have heard of Acer Aspire. Just as the Dell G series came from the success of another range, the Predator range came from the success of the Aspire range. While it was very successful in its time, Acer decided to cut back on the Aspire range, finding more success focusing on ranges that were made for more everyday gaming, rather than specialised gaming.

The Predator series hit the markets with a bang. Anyone into gaming at the time took notice. They looked totally different to what people were used to, from the different shape to the backlit accessories, they had the wow factor. Anyone series about gaming wanted one. Perhaps unsurprisingly, its biggest competition came from Alienware, as they also went for a different, cool style and look. In fact, the Predator did well to keep up with the Alienware gaming range spec and yet would also manage to keep the price for what was on offer that bit cheaper, enough to make people take notice. So, Alienware has been going up against Predator for quite some time now. But what has been going up against the Dell G series?

The Acer Nitro series

Acer Nitro5 AN515 57 Bl RGB Bk 02b

Yes, like Dell, Acer could see a gap in the market. Ok, everyone might dream of having the Predator or Alienware options, but for some that just wasn’t possible, or would involve time to save up the money, when something we know for sure is that those who are serious about gaming do not like the waiting bit. And so, to keep competition alive in all areas and gaming ranges, Acer were also hard at work making the Nitro gaming range, for those with a smaller budget, or no patience. They might not be quite as cool looking and they may require some work depending on what games you play, but for most gamers, they would be sufficient for what you need. And for the price, you will likely be very happy with what you are actually getting.

So, which one will you go for?

As we have seen, your choice seems to be between the Alienware and Predator ranges, or the Dell G and Nitro ranges. Of course, whether on a budget or with money to spare, these are not the only options out there, and you may choose something else entirely. The key is to look what your budget will allow and then do your research.

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