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Yesterday, Qualcomm launched their new Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G chipset will feature on the POCO X3 NFC launching on the 7th of September.

I have already compared the specification of this chipset with the 730G it replaces, the SD720G and the Mediatek Helio G90T.

[Update] During the Poco X3 launch they did announce some reasonably impressive numbers for the Antutu benchmarks, however it is still very much an incremental upgrade

Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G vs Snapdragon 720G vs 730G

Qualcomm and most of the press that appears to have been pre-briefed on the chipset appear to have conveniently forgotten the Snapdragon 720G exists, even though this announced in January this year compared to April 2019 for the SD730G.

One likely reason for this, apart from the fact it is confusing, is that the Snapdragon 732G is identical to the SD720G, the CPU has the same frequencies, it is just the GPU that has been improved. However, comparing it against the SD730G they can show improvements for both CPU and GPU.

This has led to a bit of a confusing timeline for the Snapdragon 700-series chipsets.  We have

  • 2019 – Snapdragon 730G
  • Early 2020 – Snapdragon 720G with a slower GPU but faster CPU but most companies marketed it as a better chipset
  • Late 2020 – Snapdragon 732G – Matches SD720G CPU but improves the GPU to 18% beyond  730G performance

Anyway, if you want further clarification that the Snapdragon 732G doesn’t offer much in the CPU department over its predecessors, the POCO X3 NFC has been benchmarked in Geekbench 5

Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G vs Snapdragon 720G vs Snapdragon 730G vs Mediatek Helio G90T Geekbench Benchmarks

POCO X3 Geekbench

Sadly, performance hasn’t improved a great deal since the launch of the Snapdragon 730G around 20 months ago.

Single CoreMulti Core
POCO X3 NFC - SD732G5681771
Realme 6 Pro - SD720G5681643
Realme X2 - SD730G5461729
Realme 7 - Helio G95516?1650?
Realme 6 - Helio G90T5161650

Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G vs Snapdragon 720G vs Snapdragon 730G vs Mediatek Helio G90T Antutu Benchmarks

chrome mKNeGgtiDO 2

As part of the Poco X3 launch, the presenter confirmed the performance numbers of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G. If accurate, the numbers are quite impressive, pushing the SD732G past the performance of the Helio G90T by 3.7% and an improvement of 6.8% vs the Snapdragon 720G on the Realme 6 Pro or 16% on the Realme X2

Realme X50 - SD765G323286103663941516800757462
Poco X3 - SD732G301,58110340379234
Realme 7 - Helio G9528796397262839925501651693
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pr- Helio G90T28129598263797555728545992
Realme 6 Pro - SD720G282336104143708015227355119
Realme X2 - SD730G25831198328675744794544464
Realme 5 Pro - SD71221650173459618724201339157
Realme 6i20129973376416334519241098
Realme 5 SD66516786671157334893656826652
chrome CCdglewsOu 2


To be fair to Qualcomm, I am not saying the Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G is a bad chipset; it is one of the best 4G options you will have. However, if you want a mid-range 4G chipset, your options haven’t really improved in well over a year.  

My big issue is with the marketing BS that both Qualcomm and Mediatek have been using recently with these incremental changes disguised as something brand new. I have become increasingly suspicious that a lot of these (for both QC and MT) are essentially custom orders from Xiaomi, and in some cases OPPO/Realme. No other phones have launched with the Snapdragon 768G other than the Redmi K30 5G Racing Edition. OPPO had the Dimensity 1000L and Xiaomi have the MediaTek Dimensity 820.

[Original post 1 September 2020]

[Updated 07/09/2020] Added Antutu benchmarks confirmed during the announcement.

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