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In today’s world, you can’t go anywhere without seeing hands clasped around smartphones – our trusted mini robot right hand man used for pretty much everything besides phone calls!

The only thing faster than the development of technology itself is the number of tech brands popping up.

From iPhones to Chromebook’s and everything else in between, technology has become a fundamental pillar in our day to day life.

We use it for everything and so it does beg us to ask the question – which tech brands are searched for the most in the UK?

What are the most searched for tech brands terms in the UK?

Experts, Opening Times have carried out research to deep dive into the most searched for tech brands in the UK. The data is based on a recent YouGov survey on which tech brands people most want to search for online.

Popularity aside, Opening Times decided to take the brands/products featured in the survey and see which of them people are most searching for on Google using search data from SEMRush.

The data provided from SEMRush is perhaps a good example of inaccurate SEO tools are. Currys have three times the search volume as Apple. You could argue that this shows user intent, people probably search for Currys with a plan to buy whereas most people don’t search just for the term Apple.

However, I’d also argue that there are inaccuracies further down the list. Apple iPhone, Google Home, Lenovo and Logitech all have the same search volume. I do not believe for one second that the same number of people searching for an Apple iPhone also search for Lenovo.

However, here are the top 9 searched for tech brands/products in the UK based on SEMRush.


In top place we have Curry’s with 5 million Google searches per month.

When it comes to technology, Curry’s is a hub for all things electronic with over 30,000 products across computing, domestic appliances and mobiles.

With a thriving online presence in addition to 452 stores dotted around the UK, Curry’s easy access combined with a wide array of products at reasonable prices makes it a tech brand favourite.


Slick and sophisticated, Apple has remained one of the UK’s long standing tech brand favourites.

With 1.5 million monthly searches on Google, Apple’s remains a market leader when it comes to consumer electronics. Ever evolving, Apple is an exciting tech brand with new releases and launches of products, continually celebrating growth and product upgrades.

Almost cult like in their dedication, Apple is well loved amongst its consumers for having specialised, efficient products that are also easy to use.

Apple Watch

Advertised as the ‘ultimate device for a healthy life.’ the Apple Watch is the third most searched for tech brand in the UK with 623K searches on google each month.

Working from the iPhone 5, the Apple Watch combines useful fitness features along with health tools, great functionality and a stylish look.

One of the most standout features of the Apple Watch is its blood oxygen monitoring system, coined Sp02. It features a light sensor that picks up the colour of the blood being reflected back and uses this to determine the level of oxygen in the blood. Readings like this allow consumers to be alerted to potential health risks, such as asthma and heart disease through the Apple Health App,


With 550K google searches per month, Samsung ranks as the fourth most searched for tech brand in the UK.

A South Korean company, Samsung specialises in being one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices.

In addition to being a direct competitor to Apple and contributing to the Apple VS Android divide, Samsung also produces appliances, memory chips and integrated systems as well as digital media devices and consumer electronics.

People love Samsung for its ability to provide functionality, flexibility and freedom of choice by offering a range of features that aren’t available to iPhones and other Apple products.


Moving away from smart phones, watches and laptops we enter the wonderful world of gaming. Ranking fifth in the most searched for tech brands in the UK, Xbox squeezes into the top 5 with 450K searches each month on google.

Featuring powerful, sturdier hardware along with a sleek design and more variation with game subscriptions, Xbox takes the lead when it comes with game consoles.

In addition to being able to play games and communicate virtually with your friends, Xbox features some of the most popular games, such as Halo – one of the most fastest selling video games upon release.


Not too far behind, Playstation ranks right on the heels of Xbox as the sixth most search for tech brand in the UK with just over 300K google searches per month.

Often accused of distracting unsuspecting boyfriends for hours on end, Playstation is much loved amongst gamers. With each highly anticipated upgrade and new launch, Playstation consistently sells out upon release.

With a friendlier user interface alongside a hefty catalogue of exclusive and successful game franchises, Playstation is a popular gaming system that has remained one of the most successful and popular tech brands in the UK.


The google Chromebook are computers and laptops specifically designed to compete tasks more quickly and easily. This is often proven true as the Chromebook aligns beautifully with all of Google’s products.

With gmail, google drive, google calendars and more all seamlessly built into the Chromebook design, running your day to day has never been easier by having all you need in one place.

Chromebook’s are searched for each month on google 201K times and offers consumers cloud storage and stable and layered security, making it very tempting for committed Apple users to consider switching over to the other side.


Headquartered in Kyoto, Nintendo is a Japanese multinational video game company, which also offers electronics.

Ranking as the eighth most searched for tech brand in the UK, Nintendo has brought joy to consumers all over the world, particularly with the Nintendo Wii – forcing adults and kids alike to move from their sofa’s as they play fun video games.

Apple iPad

With 135K google searches each month, Apple iPad closes our list as the ninth most searched for tech brand in the UK.

Since launching in 2010 the Apple iPad has continued to grow in popularity as part of the Apple product catalogue an extending to Apple iPad mini’s.

Basically a giant iPhone, iPads are loved due to providing a more enjoyable experience when watching videos as it has a much larger screen size in addition to a longer battery life. Despite stiff competition with android pads, iPad’s are appreciated for being easier to use and simple to learn in addition to providing a high quality experience.

Its ease also comes from existing Apple consumers, who are able to extend their Apple collection to include a wonderful new product without having to learn how to use it, as it perfectly mirrors the experience of any other Apple products.

That’s the top 9 more searched for tech brands in the UK, from electronic devices to gaming and even smart watches!

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