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Huawei may be the first company to launch a phone featuring an integrated 5G chipset thanks to the Kirin 99 5G, but it was MediaTek that announced the first 5G chipset all the way back in May. Admittedly, this was likely a marketing tactic, to be classed as the first company to announce such a technology.

At the time the announcement was a little vague, there were no specifics mentioned for the chipset, all that was stated was that is uses the Coretex A77 architecture and the Mali G77 GPU while being fabricated on the 7nm FinFET fabrication process. For 5G connectivity, it features the integrated Helio M70 5G modem.

MediaTek 5G Soc Infographic

The chipset is scheduled to be mass-produced by the end of the year and will appear in devices by the first quarter of 2020. Today, a Geekbench result showing the processor’s performance has surfaced on the web. The authenticity of the source is up for debate, all we have is a photo of the screen with the results.

The benchmark result shows the processor scored 3447 points in the single-core test and then 12151 points in the multi-core score. The result also shows the test device is running Android 10.

It is believed that the chipset has its frequency set to 2.3GHz for its performance cores.

Mediatech5G Geekbench

With the release schedule not being until the first quarter of next year, it is safe to say this is nowhere near a final version of the phone and performance could change quite a bit by release.

In comparison to the most recent MediaTek release the Helio G90, which uses Arm Cortex-A76 and made on the 12nm FinFET node, scores 2410 and 7193. So if the scores are true, then this is a huge boost in performance.

So far two Huawei Mate 30 phones have shown up on Geekbench, the most recent result which is for phone model LIO-AN00 is presumed to be for the Kirin 990 5G variant. This scored 3851 and 12636 in Geekbench. Huawei opted to go for the A76 architecture for this year’s chipset, stating that they got better performance from higher clocks vs the lower clocked A77, and the above scores appear to back this claim up.

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