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Bingo is a game that’s enjoyed all over the world, with thousands of players entering Bingo halls both online and at land-based venues to grab a piece of the action. Whether you decide to play a game of online Bingo at Paddy Power, another site of your choosing, or down your local Bingo Hall, its always good to refresh your Bingo call knowledge, to potentially give you a little extra time to find the number and dab it off your Bingo card.

With this being said, we wanted to help you refresh your Bingo call know-how from numbers 61 – 90, showcasing the British callings for these numbers. Are you ready to see if we call your numbers?

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  1. Bakers bun – Rhymes with 61.
  2. Tickety-boo­ – Also known as “Turn the Screw” as these both rhyme with 62.
  3. Tickle me – Rhymes with 63.
  4. Almost retired – Refers to the former British male age of mandatory retirement. Also called as “Red Raw” due to the rhyme.
  5. Retirement age – Also referred to as “Stop work” and “Old Age Pension” referring to the former British male age of retirement.
  6. Clickety click – Rhymes with 66.
  7. Made in Heaven – Rhymes with 67.
  8. Saving Grace – Rhymes with 68.
  9. Anyway up / Either way up – A reference to the numbers reading the same both ways.
  10. Three score and 10 – A score is a way of counting in 20s, where one score is 20. So, three lots of 20, plus 10 is 70.
  11. Bang on the drum – Rhymes with 71.
  12. Six dozen – A dozen is 12. So six dozen is 72.
  13. Queen Bee / Under the tree – Rhymes with 73.
  14. Candy Store – Rhymes with 74.
  15. Strive and strive – Rhymes with 75.
  16. Trombones – Pays homage to a marching band song ‘Seventy-Six Trombones’, from the musical ‘The Music Man’.
  17. Two little crutches – Because the number 77 resembles two crutches.
  18. Heaven’s gate – Rhymes with 78.
  19. One more time – Rhymes with 79.
  20. Gandhi’s breakfast – Players reply to the caller by saying “ate nothing”, which sounds like 80. Also called as “Eight and Blank”, referring to 80 being comprised of an eight and a zero, where the zero is nothing.
  21. Fat lady with a walking stick – The number eight resembles that of a lady with a large chest and bottom, and the number one resembles a walking stick. Also known as “Stop and Run”, which rhymes with 81.
  22. Straight on through – Rhymes with 82.
  23. Time for tea – Rhymes with 83.
  24. Give me more – Rhymes with 84.
  25. Staying alive – Rhymes with 85.
  26. Between the sticks – Rhymes with 86 as well as referring to the position a goalkeeper has in a game of football.
  27. Torquay in Devon – Rhymes with 87.
  28. Two fat ladies – The number 88 resembles two ladies with full chests and large bottoms. When this is called, players are known to call out “Wobble, Wobble”.
  29. Nearly there / Almost there – One number away from 90.
  30. Top of the shops – Shop refers to the entire game of Bingo, which also rhymes with top, and 90 is the highest number within a game of 90 ball Bingo.

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