F1 Fully Automated Countertop Home Brewer

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iGulu has unveiled the groundbreaking iGulu F1, a first-of-its-kind fully automated countertop home brewer. The iGulu F1 seamlessly integrates fermentation, cooling, and dispensing functions into a sleek and user-friendly design, setting a new standard for convenience and excellence in home brewing.

Key features of the iGulu F1 include:

  • Automated Brewing: Easy smart brewing processes with accurate temperature and pressure control for making high-quality craft beers.
  • Customised Recipes: Support for a variety of ingredients to create personal beer recipes. Also works with different brands.
  • Smart Control: Easy-to-use touchscreen interface and mobile app for simple operation. RFID technology, quick brewing with one touch.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Natural beer ingredients from around the world that are chosen with care.
  • Instant Drinking Demand: Works with most 3L-5L beer kegs, including Heineken.
  • Eco-Friendly: Tritan material fermentation tank, BPA-free, and environmentally friendly design.
  • Easy Maintenance: Easy cleaning and detachable design for convenient maintenance.

Automated Brewing Made Easy

igulu home brew 2

The iGulu F1 simplifies the brewing process with its advanced automated brewing technology. Users can effortlessly craft high-quality beers at home by selecting from a wide range of iGulu beer brewing ingredient kits, which currently include Pale Ale, Bavarian Wheat, and Amber Lager, with a Stout option coming soon. The machine supports various ingredients and flavours, allowing enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and brew personalized beer recipes with ease.

Intelligent Fermentation System

At the heart of the iGulu F1 is its Intelligent Fermentation System. Utilizing advanced PID technology, the machine precisely controls fermentation temperature within a range of 35°-86°F (2°-30°C) and effectively suppresses fusel alcohols for optimal brewing quality. The system continuously monitors the brewing process and makes precise adjustments to ensure consistent, high-quality results.

Rapid Cooling Technology

The iGulu F1 features Rapid Cooling Technology that preserves the freshness of the brewed beverages for up to 2 weeks. This innovative cooling system ensures that users can enjoy their creations at the perfect temperature, whenever they desire.

Pressure Sensors & Protection

Safety is a top priority with the iGulu F1. The machine employs an automatic pressure management system that regulates fermentation pressure and includes built-in safety features for rapid pressure relief. If the fermentation pressure inside the tank exceeds the set value, the system will automatically adjust to maintain a constant, safe fermentation pressure throughout the brewing process.

Parts and Functionality

The iGulu F1 boasts a range of impressive features and components:

  • Dual pneumatic gas engine and specific tap handler for convenient beer dispensing
  • Smart interactive touchscreen and mobile app for intuitive control and monitoring
  • Advanced sensors for precise monitoring of the brewing process
  • Compatibility with most 3L-5L beer kegs, including Heineken
  • Tritan material fermentation tank, BPA-free, and eco-conscious design
  • Simple cleaning and detachable design for hassle-free maintenance

Operating Modes

The iGulu F1 offers three main operating modes:

  1. Fermentation: Supports the brewing of beer, cider, wine, kombucha, and more.
  2. Refrigeration Preservation: Rapid cooling technology preserves the freshness of brewed beverages for up to 2 weeks.
  3. Dispensing: Convenient and smooth beer dispensing with a dual pneumatic gas engine, specific tap handler, and disposable tube design.

Pricing and Availability

igulu home brew

The iGulu F1 is available in Black, Creamy White, and Mint Green from the iGulu website for $749 / £555. iGulu also offers a range of beer brewing ingredient kits, with prices starting at $29.99 for the Pale Ale kit, $34.99 for the Bavarian Wheat kit, and $39.99 for the Amber Lager kit.

Comparison to Other Home Brewing Systems

Pinter 3 brewed beer

In comparison to other home brewing systems like the Pinter 3, the iGulu F1 stands out for its fully automated brewing process, advanced temperature and pressure control, and sleek, compact design.

The Pinter 3, while offering a simplified brewing experience, requires more manual intervention and lacks the precise temperature control and pressure management features found in the iGulu F1.

The PerfectDraft Pro is also a popular option for beer fans, providing a professional-grade draft beer experience. It is primarily designed to dispense pre-brewed beers rather than brew them from scratch, like the iGulu F1.


The iGulu F1 fully automated countertop home brewer represents a significant leap forward in home brewing technology. With its intelligent fermentation system, rapid cooling technology, pressure sensors and protection, and user-friendly design, the iGulu F1 empowers beer enthusiasts to craft professional-quality brews with unprecedented ease and convenience. As iGulu continues to innovate in the smart brewing sector, the iGulu F1 is poised to revolutionize the way people enjoy their favourite beverages at home.

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