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Gyration is quite an old and established company in the peripheral world with their speciality being air mice which are a common tool in business meetings for presentations.

The Air Mouse Voice is their latest development in the Air Mouse range, which gives the users 3 ways to interact with a computer. You can control presentations via voice, or use it as a motion-sensitive handheld or high-resolution desktop mouse.

Rather than using proprietary wireless standards, Gyration has thankfully opted to use Bluetooth 4.0 LE. This allows the Air Mouse to work up to 21 meters away from your PC/Laptop.

The design is quite retro, with a glossy plastic top, a scroll button, 2 normal mouse buttons, and an additional 3 customisable buttons. This has very much a business aesthetic as you would expect.

It is conveniently powered by AAA batteries which should avoid the headache of having to recharge it before a meeting.

In desktop mode, the mouse works just as you would expect. It is accurate, light and easy to use. Everything you would expect from a normal wireless mouse.

When you pick up the mouse and depress the trigger button on its underside, though mouse goes into Air mode. The cursor can be controlled in mid-air, allowing you to access key desktop features while standing and moving around. The mouse buttons and scroll wheel work in this mode too.

In order to get the full functionality of the Air Mouse, you will need to download MotionTools from the Gyration website. This will allow support for voice control and the media buttons.


The Media buttons each provide access to functions that are organised in the MotionTools software into four groups called ‘contexts’ — General, Internet, Media player and Presentation. You can configure each of these mouse buttons to perform a particular function within those four contexts, and you can rename the contexts to accommodate other needs requiring a different group of functions.

The little speaker icon on the mouse enables the voice control, and there are 27 predefined commands. You can use spoken commands to open apps, perform some basic text functions (cut, copy, paste), control volume, use the aforementioned stamp tool and more.


The voice control is nowhere near the sort of functionality you might be used to with Siri/Alexa/Google, but it is a nice addition that will hopefully make presentations a little easier to get through.

Overall, this is a rather niche device, it doesn’t really have a place for normal day to day use. Some people may like it for home media PCs, and it would certainly work well for one, but the problem here is that there are dozens of cheap and effective alternatives. If you specifically want an air mouse, though, this is the best out there.

Where this really shines is in business meetings, you can effortlessly transition from normal mouse mode to air mouse, and it allows you to control everything you need to without interrupting your flow by bending over a laptop to carry out actions.

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