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Following the huge success of Beats By Dre, celebrity endorsements for headphones and earphones has taken off massively including releases such as SMS Audio Street By 50, House Of Marley Freedom Zion, Soul By Ludacris SL99, and WeSC Chambers By Rza Premium. Wanting to make the most of this new trend Tinchy Stryder and Goji have teamed together to produce the On Cloud 9 range of headphones and earphones. Goji are a relatively unknown brand but are part of DSG Retail the company that owns Dixons, Currys and PC World, and this partnership is probably a big push to try and bring Goji headphones to the mainstream.


A lot of this review will have comparisons to Beats by Dr and other celebrity endorsed headphones as this is clearly the market Goji are focusing on. These headphones were tested using a laptop, a Fiio e17 Digital to Analogue Converter and music ripped in the FLAC codec to get the most of the sound.

The headphones packaging is very smart and sturdily built, not dissimilar to Beats By Dre, and when opened the similarity continues with the headphone being constructed of a lot of glossy plastic, this maybe a little off putting to some, but the actual build quality of the headphones seems excellent, they have nice solid clunky hinges for folding them away, and the cable is surprisingly thick and long(1.8m), overall the look is excellent if your preference is more fashionable rather than the styles from Denon and Sennheiser . Unlike Beats by Dre the accessories you get are lacking, there is a carry pouch and that is it, whereas the Beats include, minijack, clean cloth, iPhone enabled cable, a normal headphone cable and a 1/8 to 1/4″ Adapter, the Cloud 9s also lack the powered noise isolation of the Beats. Personally I don’t mind the lack of accessories and noise cancellation, they are unnecessary and just add to the cost of the product, and this is where the Cloud 9s really excel.

The headphones are very comparatively priced with the in-ear headphones costing £39.99, the on-ear headphones ones costing £49.99, and the over-ear headphones costing £69.99. To put that into perspective, the equivalent Beats By Dre weigh in at £279.95 – an astronomical difference. We were kindly given the over-ear headphones to review.



My overall impression was very good, unsurprisingly they favour bass, so if you prefer a reference headphone these won’t be for you, but then you probably knew that already. The mid and high range are a little less detailed than the Beats, with an overall sound being a little worse than the Beats. While they aren’t quite as good as the Beats, but the fact they are less than 1/3rd of the price of them makes them an excellent buy, and the only reason I could see someone wanting the Beats over these is purely because the Beats are perceived as more fashionable. If you are wanting some great sounding, bass rich fashion headphones then you won’t go far wrong with these.

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