Motospeed K87S

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Gearbest recently sent me the MotoSpeed K87S mechanical keyboard to review. This is a tenkeyless RGB keyboard with edge to edge keys making for a very petite keyboard.

For lack of a better word, the design is quite girly, which is not a bad thing, it is quite obvious what you are getting from the images. The keys are all white, with the actual letters and numbers being transparent allowing the RGB to come through.

The case is a clear colourless acrylic with RGB lights all around it. The default settings is basically a rainbow colour. So, it certainly has a stand out design. Not to my particular tastes but I won’t knock it down for that. You can change the effect on the keyboard using the function key then either page up/down etc. Some of the options are even crazier than the default setting, for example, you can have all the keys light up incrementally with different colours as you press each key, I felt like I couple have an epileptic fit after looking at the keyboard while type.

For more conservative users such as myself you can have just the case LEDs display a single colour, for example, blue, and/or you can have select keys light up, so WASD is an option. You can also have so just so each individual key lights up as you type, which is much more pleasant.

While I am not massively fond of the RGB trend myself, it was quite a fun feature to play around with, and RGB fans will no doubt find a setting that they will like.

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The keys use an un-named blue switch but the overall design and build are very similar to the Aukey KM-G3 I reviewed previously, albeit tenkeyless. Therefore, I suspect that they are essentially the same and that the key will be Outemu switches.

With the design being so similar to the Aukey and the switches being the same, overall typing performance seemed about the same too, which is excellent. Being blue keys they are very clicky so this obviously needs to be a consideration when you buy. Some people love them, others prefer quieter brown switches.

Priced at £43.51 with free shipping it is a good £13 cheaper than the Aukey keyboard so it is a great buy. However, shipping will be a lot slower than Amazon, Gearbest does not do next day delivery and I think my keyboard came from a Chinese warehouse. Looking on Amazon there doesn’t appear to be a like for like the alternative that is close to this price and therefore if the style is to your liking it is a fantastic buy.

You can buy it today from Gearbet here for £43.51

Product Page: Motospeed K87S Mechanical Keyboard  –  ALL WHITE

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