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Following on from the previous leaks of the Garmin Fenix 6, and the Garmin Vivoactive 4, there was also some details of a new Vivomove.

The original YouTube video that detailed all the new watches was from a questionable source, and I had previously advised taking the rumour with a big pinch of salt. Since then, Garmin issued a takedown request on the video, which to some, could indicate the leak was accurate. I suspect there is a partially automated process to this and they aggressively issue requests to anything like this regardless of accuracy.

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However, the leak did indicate that a new Vivomove is on the way. The current model is the Vivomove HR which launched in 2017, and is an upgrade of the original Vivomove back in 2016.

So the new may or may not be called the Vivomove 3, but it is on the third series.

The leak indicated 2 models, one being classing and the other sport. It also suggested a dual-screen. From the renders, this looks like a logical upgrade from how the current Vivomove HR works, rather than a small mono display behind the mechanical watch, it will now be cover most of the inner watch face. What resolution this could be is unknown, but the renders suggested that they could be coloured.

The quality of the renders did not look as good as the Fenix 6, which were already up for debate, it sort of looked like someone has just done a bit of a quick job in photoshop.

However, it does open up the question of what a new Vivomove could feature?

With its mechanical watch style, there are only so many improvements you can make before it no longer looks like a Vivomove. So an expanding notification area is the most obvious choice I would think.

When DCRainmaker reviewed the Vivomove HR the major issue was that you couldnt see the screen in daylight, at all. So again, some form of screen upgrade is an obvious choice.

It is likely that under the hood will get a fair few upgrades. The HR already helped provide a lot of the features you find on some of the more sports-orientated models. It is possible that this will adopt a few of the Firstbeat features from the Forerunner 245 such as body battery. Swimming tracking would be a good one too.

Improved battery life would be nice, but this might be an issue with an improved screen. The previous model was rated for up to 5 days in smart mode then analogue mode up to 2 weeks.

The previous model lacked any form of GPS, but then included things like VO2Max, so I would say assisted GPS would also make a sensible upgrade for the watch.

I would also say NFC for contactless payments is a sensible upgrade and would bring it in line with some of the Fitbit options.

The vívomove HR was announced in August 2017 prior to IFA in Berlin, Germany, September 1-6 that year. If the new model was to launch at IFA next month I would have expected more leaks by now, but it will be interesting to see if Garmin does release anything next month. I will be at the event so will do my best to get hands-on time with anything from the company.

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