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I have a ten-year-old Corsa, and the most advanced piece of tech inside it is the CD player. I also hate driving, and I am not particularly good at it. Therefore I avoid reversing into any tight spaces as much as possible.

A reversing camera makes life much easier, and the Foxpark Solar 3 is easy to install and should rarely require charging, thanks to its solar panel.

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  • 100% True-wireless: Zero wiring solar backup camera technology, installed in minutes.
  • 1080P Image Quality: Comes with 1080P image sensor and 5 inch FHD LCD screen monitor.
  • Verified IP69K Waterproof Solar 3 is designed fully sealed and absolutely no need to worry about water, fog or mist inside. Verified report No.: BLA-EMC-202102-A11.
  • Mini Body Zero limiting. Flexibly install anywhere, compatible with most vehicles at marketing such as cars, pickup, trucks, SUVs, Vans, RVs, etc.
  • Real All-in-one Design Solar panel and wireless transmitter built-in. No need to buy other accessories to upgrade your system.
  • Support 2 Channels Use Cam2 as a front camera or monitor camera inside the car.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Power the camera by the sun or USB wire.
  • Easy to Disassemble: 1-second slide off from bracket. The camera can be switched between two cars easily.

Set Up

Foxpark is not joking when they say this is installed in minutes. Once the camera was charged, I managed to slot the camera behind my number plate without removing anything. As I mounted this at the top of the number plate, I didn’t need to screw anything down, and the mounting plate didn’t align up with my registration plate screws.

It is worth noting that this is designed for the US market, so you may want to check that it doesn’t block anything such as the number plate lights. It didn’t appear to be an issue for me.

With the camera installed, you then just need to plug the monitor in. This comes with its own lighter socket adaptor, which also has a spare USB-A port in it.

However, the biggest issue with this camera is that the monitor uses a proprietary attachment to the adaptor, so you have no option but to use that socket adaptor. I had to remove my dual port Bluetooth radio adaptor. The reason for this appears to be because the socket also has a button on it, which wakes up the monitor when needed.

You also get a window mount, but for this review, I use the mount I would normally use for my phone.

Foxpark Solar 3 Wireless Reversing Camera Review 11


When you power up the car, the monitor should automatically switch on, or you can press the button on the socket adaptor. The image will then be displayed along with the parking lines.

The image quality is adequate. The lens has quite a wide angle, so you can see plenty and the display is matte, so there is no reflection.

In my sample image, the parking lines look a bit off but that’s because I am parked on a slant. You can adjust the camera slightly if the angle isn’t correct on a flat surface.

Battery life has been good so far. I don’t drive a lot, and the solar panel helps keep the battery going, and I have not had to charge it yet.

Price and Alternative Options

The Foxpark Solar 3 is sold on the US website of Amazon for $180, though it is not available to buy at the time of writing. The price has been as low as $150 recently.

Buy from Amazon US

There are a lot of competing options both on Amazon US and Amazon UK. The Foxpark Solar 3 does appear to have one of the best designs for easy installation as you just slot it on. Competing options seem to have the camera and solar panel separate.

Most cameras seem to omit the resolution, whereas the Foxpark is 1080p.

The AUTO-VOX Solar 1 has the camera at the top and the solar panel at the bottom. It is well-reviewed and is listed at £140 but with a 15% off voucher available. The socket adaptor for the monitor lacks any USB ports, and it is not clear what connection the monitor uses.

The BOSCAM SunGo appears almost identical to the AUTO-VOX Solar 1 with a top and bottom design and a socket adaptor that has no USB ports. It is cheap at under £110.

The BOSCAM SunGo2 arguably has the best design, this can work just like the Foxpark with the solar panel and camera built into one unit, or you can slot the solar panel off and mount it below your number plate. This camera is only 720P, and it is not clear how the adaptor is designed.


The Foxpark Solar 3 worked well for me, it was incredibly easy to set up and made reversing much easier for me.

It is annoying that the monitor is not powered via USB, which would provide more flexibility when mounting it and allow you to use you own socket adaptor. However, it is not like I am reversing all the time, so I can just swap over adaptors as needed. It just makes it a bit messy, that’s all.

Foxpark Solar 3 Wireless Reversing Camera Review Rating


The Foxpark Solar 3 worked well for me, it was incredibly easy to set up and made reversing much easier for me.

  • Overall - 80%


  • Very easy to install
  • No wires going to the camera
  • Solar charging to reduce the need to physically charge it


  • Only available on Amazon US
  • Reasonably expensive compared to other cameras
  • Have to use included lighter socket adaptor

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