EZVIZ Launches EP3X Pro

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EZVIZ has announced the UK launch of its first dual lens video doorbell, the EP3X Pro. This innovative doorbell offers advanced features including dual 2k and 1080p cameras, smart human and package detection, free built-in 32GB eMMC storage, solar charging, and integration with voice assistants.

Dual Lens Design for Comprehensive Coverage

EZVIZ EP3x Pro 1

The EP3X Pro is equipped with two cameras to provide a more complete view of the front door area. The main 2k resolution camera captures a wide 2k field of view to monitor approaching visitors, while the secondary 1080p camera points downward to keep an eye on any packages left on the doorstep. This dual lens setup ensures that no detail is missed, whether it’s a person’s face or a delivered parcel.

The doorbell’s AI-powered human motion and package detection capabilities intelligently recognize and alert users to the presence of people and packages while ignoring irrelevant motion from passing cars or animals. When a visitor arrives or a package is delivered, the homeowner receives a notification through the EZVIZ app.

Clear Imaging Day and Night

EZVIZ EP3x Pro 2

With the 2K main camera, the EP3X Pro records crystal clear video footage of anyone who approaches the front door. Even in complete darkness, the doorbell’s built-in LED illuminates the area, enabling full-color night vision. This makes it easy to clearly see and identify visitors at any time of day.

The camera also features 2D and 3D digital noise reduction to optimize video quality and clarity. With H.265 and H.264 video compression support, recordings are efficiently encoded to save storage space without compromising on image quality.

Two-Way Talk with Voice Changer

Using the doorbell’s built-in microphone and speaker, homeowners can hear and speak with visitors at their door through the EZVIZ app. This two-way audio capability allows for convenient communication without needing to physically answer the door.

For added privacy and security, the EP3X Pro includes a voice changer feature that disguises the user’s voice during two-way conversations. This prevents strangers from identifying the homeowner by their natural voice.

Ample Storage and Solar Power

EP3x Pro 3

One standout feature of the EP3X Pro is its generous 32GB of embedded eMMC storage. Unlike many other video doorbells that require a separate SD card or paid cloud storage subscription, EZVIZ provides this ample built-in storage for free. The 32GB capacity can hold up to 6 months of video history based on 10 minutes of recorded activity per day, eliminating extra storage costs for users.

The doorbell is powered by a rechargeable 5200mAh lithium battery and comes with a solar panel for easy continuous charging. The included solar panel accessory keeps the battery topped up with green energy, so users can essentially “set and forget” the doorbell. Alternatively, the EP3X Pro can be hardwired to existing doorbell wiring if preferred.

Durable All-Weather Design

Constructed with an IP65 weatherproof housing, the EP3X Pro is built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions including rain and snow. This durability ensures reliable operation and protection of the doorbell’s internal components in any season.

For connectivity, the doorbell supports dual-band 2k Wi-Fi with WPA/WPA2 encryption. EZVIZ’s proprietary low-power Wi-Fi protocol enables the doorbell to conserve battery life while maintaining a stable connection to the home network.

Smart Home Integration and Security

The EP3X Pro offers integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to control and interact with the doorbell using voice commands. Homeowners can ask their preferred voice assistant to display the doorbell’s live view on a compatible smart display or TV.

In terms of security, the doorbell features an anti-tamper alarm that sounds a siren and sends a mobile alert if the device is forcibly removed. After a theft attempt, the doorbell remains bound to the owner’s EZVIZ account, preventing others from unauthorised access.

Pricing and Availability

The EZVIZ EP3X Pro video doorbell is now available for purchase in the UK through Amazon, priced at £129.99. This complete kit includes the doorbell, solar panel, mounting brackets, and accessories for a quick and easy setup.

With its advanced dual cameras, smart detection features, ample storage, solar power option, and durable design, the EZVIZ EP3X Pro offers a compelling and cost-effective front door security solution for UK homeowners.

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