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The cybersecurity industry is huge, with lots of companies offering a wide range of services that can often be confusing to the average person. Understanding which solution is going to be the right choice for your business and whether or not you are going to be getting the most for your money is not always easy. With cyber security experts now predicting that the cost of cybercrime around the world will reach more than $10 trillion by 2025, investing in a cyber security solution for your business has never been more important. Choosing a cybersecurity company to work with can be quite overwhelming if you are just starting out, so to help you choose, these are some of the best cybersecurity companies in the UK.


Best For: All businesses, from smaller startups to larger companies

Services Offered: Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Management, Security Operations Center, Endpoint Detection and Response, and SIEM as a Service.

Based in the UK, Sapphire offers managed security operations services that combine the latest technologies in cybersecurity with skilled analysts to ensure that your organisation has 24/7 protection. They have more than twenty-five years of experience when it comes to developing effective cybersecurity solutions, and work with a range of businesses across the UK. Services include managing cloud risk, physical hardware security, or developing personalised and tailored security strategies and risk management strategies for clients. Along with a range of managed cybersecurity services, Sapphire also offers security consultancy for companies of all sizes, and several excellent technical solutions including data leakage prevention, email and web security, malware protection, identity and access management, and many more.


Best For: All business sizes, from startups to larger organisations

Services Offered: Firewalls, Cloud Security, Zero Trust security, API and DDoS protection

Although Akamai is primarily a content delivery network (CDN), they also offer a range of excellent cyber security solutions, along with dealing with enhancing performance for Web, Media, and Mobile. Akamai’s Edge Security program ensures that your content, data, and apps are secure at all times whether they are stored on the cloud or internally. The platform offers a wide range of cyber security apps including Edge DNS, Enterprise Threat Protector, Zero Trust Security, and Bot Manager.


Best For: Small and large organisations within critical national infrastructure and government agencies

Services Offered: Encryption, Managed Services, and Endpoint Protection

Becrypt specialises in secure collaboration and provides a wide range of both endpoint and mobile cybersecurity services and products. Many of their clients are government agencies, along with a range of organisations within the critical national infrastructure that need to be very security conscious. One of the best cybersecurity companies in the UK for businesses that have a heightened threat level, they offer a wide variety of services to choose from including mobile technologies that protect operating systems, browser and client apps from harm, and accredited Secure Thin Client. Their endpoint management solution Paradox provides companies with simpler ways to reduce threat levels thanks to many excellent key features such as automated patch management and breach detection.

Ernst & Young

Best For: Businesses of all sizes, from smaller startups to larger organisations

Services Offered: Risk Analysis, Consulting Services, Compliance, and Data Protection

Offering a variety of professional services including excellent cybersecurity services, Ernst & Young focuses on several key areas including resilience, strategy, compliance, and risk to name a few. They work with both small and large organisations to help with the guidance of security and data privacy, dealing with and reducing cyber risk levels, managing access to company assets, developing response and disaster recovery plans, and more.

BAE Systems

Best For: Medium and larger businesses, and government agencies

Services Offered: Compliance, Consulting Services, Pen Testing, and Emergency Response

BAE is a UK-based cybersecurity company that offers a range of advanced defence technologies across multiple domains, including cyber, maritime, and airspace. They mainly use preventative security strategies that are designed to help organisations reduce their risk of a breach by managing threats before they happen. While the cyber consulting services and solutions that they offer are mainly designed for government agencies, they do have a growing number of commercial clients and offer a range of excellent cybersecurity products and solutions that can help businesses of any size. One of their main cybersecurity strategies involves collecting and analysing huge amounts of data, which is then used to better inform security practices.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Cyber Security Company

While working with a cybersecurity company has become essential for the vast majority of businesses today, from startups to larger organisations, there are some critical factors to consider before choosing the best firm to work with.

Know Your Needs

Understanding the type of threats your business is likely to face is the first step towards choosing the right solution. It’s important to work with a company that can help you put a plan together for working with these different threats. Consider common services like endpoint protection, application and software security, incident response, data recovery, network defense, and breach or intrusion detection.

Certifications and Qualifications

Before you choose the right cyber security company for your business, it’s worth knowing that they are qualified to do the job you’re hiring them for. Make sure that the cybersecurity firm you choose has the right certifications and licences to do its job.

Scalability of Solutions

Another key factor to consider when choosing a cybersecurity company is how scalable the solutions that they offer are. This refers to the ability by which companies, apps, or systems can perform when the workload is expanding. If you are planning company growth in the future, then a cybersecurity company offering scalable solutions is key.

Regular Reporting

Since there might be several threats including hackers, viruses, and other intrusions affecting businesses on a daily basis, it may only be a matter of time before your company is the next threat. Regular, detailed reporting from your cybersecurity company is key to staying ahead and ensuring you are protected.

While cybersecurity has become more important than ever before for businesses of all sizes, there’s a lot to think about before you choose the best cybersecurity company to work with.

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