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EZ Shopper, an online retailer focused on providing high quality, value consumer goods direct from factory to consumer, today announced the official launch of their latest feature packed single leg standing desk, priced at £199.99.

The EZ Shopper desk range comprises 3 models, and plans are in place to expand this range through the remainder of 2021.

Single leg standing desk with desktop – £199.99

The latest desk to the range is priced very competitively and is great for those who are limited on space. The legs are made from 3 parts, giving this small and compact desk a wider range of selectable heights, from approx 63-126cm. A touch panel display is included, with the ability to choose 4 personal height memory settings. It also features a lock function for use around children and pets, an anti-collision feature and sit-stand timer function with audible alert. 

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Original EZ Desk – £239.99

The electric adjustable sit or stand desk is supplied with an MDF table top with a light frame. The control pad reacts to touch, while the LCD display clearly displays the height selected or any of four memory positions which can be selected. It also comes with safety features such as anti collision detection, which will stop the desk moving if it detects an obstruction. The desk comes packed in a single box and can be assembled in approximately 30 minutes.

“With high quality, wood finish desktops, sleek lines and rounded edges, the EZ Desk fits into all environments, and the neutral colour scheme choices perfectly compliment the typical home office setup.” said Will Driscoll, Founder of EZ Shopper. “A discreet, touch panel LCD display with advanced safety features showcases a modern, sophisticated look. Although launching at £249.99, the EZ Desk has much of the functional and safety features of desks that are commonly two times the price.”

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EZ Desk Dual – from £299.99

The EZ Desk Dual is EZ Shopper’s most expensive desk in the range, but also the most capable. With two, super strong Bosch motors, it is most suited to heavily loaded setups, including gaming setups. With a range of high quality, UK made desktops, it is flexible enough to be used in most households. 

Range of height adjustable gaming desks coming soon

EZ Shopper has recently announced a number of new height adjustable gaming desks, specifically designed for computer gamers. Features including RGB lighting, headphone holders, games controller holders and more will be integrated into the design. You can check out the range here when they are released in October 2021.

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