EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro vs EcoFlow RIVER 2

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I reviewed the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro back in November, and I think I assumed it was launching alongside the RIVER 2 Max and the standard RIVER 2.

However, for whatever reason, it is now only just launching in the UK.

In my EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro review, I highlighted that it represents good value for money compared to the MAX. You get 50% more storage while it only costs 36% more, it is only 27% heavier. The additional plug socket is nice, but more importantly, the higher 800W output with 1600W surge gives you more flexibility in what you can run and how much.

It is also a good, cost-efficient alternative to the EcoFlow DELTA 2. It lacks the high power output of the DELTA 2 but 25% less capacity in a package that weighs 35% less and costs 32% less.

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EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro Key Features

EcoFlow River 2 Pro
  • Weighing 7.8kg with an easy-to-carry design, RIVER 2 Pro makes on-the-go power plain-sailing.
  • With a fast 30min switch-over speed, the RIVER 2 Pro makes it easy to prepare your appliances for unexpected outages.
  • With an 800W output, consumers can run up to 80% of high-wattage appliances. 
  • The RIVERr 2 Pro can be connected to solar panels to collect and store energy and reduce costs.

Full Press Release

EcoFlow, today released the RIVER 2 Pro portable power station in European Markets. As the highest capacity model in the RIVER 2 Series of best-in-class entry-level power stations, RIVER 2 Pro delivers a guaranteed basic power supply enhanced by EcoFlow’s X-Stream fast-charge technology. 

Starting today, RIVER 2 Pro is available in Europe on EcoFlow’s official web stores, the brand’s Amazon store and local distributors for €799 (£749). Users can also bundle RIVER 2 Pro with compatible EcoFlow solar panels for a sustainable way to meet their energy needs. Moreover, from Feb 14th to 20th, users who purchase RIVER 2 Pro or its bundle on the brand’s official web store will receive a doubled amount of EcoCredits, which can be redeemed as coupons.

“As energy insecurity continues to grow in Europe, RIVER 2 Pro ensures our European users have access to a reliable basic level of power wherever and whenever they should need it.” said Bruce Wang, CEO of EcoFlow. “It offers grab-and-go power not only for unexpected emergencies but also for spontaneous adventures, reinforcing EcoFlow’s commitment to making life better through meaningful innovation.”

Industry-leading Charging Speed and Flexible Charging Methods

With EcoFlow’s X-Stream technology, RIVER 2 Pro can be fully recharged by wall sockets from 0 to 100% in just 70 minutes, five times faster than the industry average. As a result, during extended outages, users can quickly charge to sufficient power levels when the electricity supply temporarily restores, or power unplanned day trips even at the last minute.

In addition to wall outlet charging, RIVER 2 Pro also supports car charging, USB-C charging and solar charging. With a maximum 220W solar input, RIVER 2 Pro can be fully topped up via solar panel in as little as four hours, providing clean, sustainable energy when blackouts hit or during outdoor activities.

10 Years of Reliable Power

Equipped with advanced LiFePO4 (LFP) batteries that can operate under extreme temperatures, RIVER 2 Pro possesses a lifespan of 3,000 cycles, six times longer than the industry average of 500 cycles. As a result, RIVER 2 Pro can provide reliable energy for approximately 10 years if used one cycle per day. 

Along with RIVER 2 and RIVER 2 Max, RIVER 2 Pro received TÜV Rheinland‘s ‘Reliable Charger’ certification, becoming the industry’s first portable power station to be certified by the global leader in independent testing, inspection, and certification services. Users can find peace of mind in the knowledge that RIVER 2 Pro has passed all of TÜV Rheinland‘s rigorous safety testing procedures.

Power 80% of High-wattage Home Appliances

With a maximum AC output of 800W, RIVER 2 Pro can run devices of up to 1600W with EcoFlow’s X-Boost mode on, sufficient for 80% of heavy-duty appliances like hair dryers, microwaves and electric kettles. Covering all essential appliances, RIVER 2 Pro provides an ideal portable energy source whether it’s needed during a blackout or in the great outdoors.

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